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My Fellow Georgians,

After much thought, prayer, and discussion with my family, I have decided not to seek a third term as Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner.  I am immensely grateful for the opportunity that the people of this State have given me to serve in this capacity, but I look forward to retiring from elected office to spend more time with my wife Suzanne, my four kids, and 12 grandchildren.

I ran for Insurance Commissioner because I believed I could be an effective advocate for consumers.  My office has helped consumers get payment after insurance companies originally denied claims and has aggressively pursued insurance fraud.  I focused on those consumer protections while also working to make sure we had a competitive insurance marketplace.  The Department has accomplished a lot, but there is still much to do.  I look forward to actively serving out the year and a half that remains in my term.  I will continue to work to protect Georgia consumers and make sure that Georgia remains a competitive place to do the business of insurance.

While I am retiring from elected political office, I intend to stay involved in politics.  My political activity began when I accompanied my wife to meetings with conservative activists in 1980.  I quickly developed a passion for politics and a belief that the right people running for office could make a difference for our country and our state.  I still have that passion, and I still have that belief.  Suzanne and I will continue to stay involved in politics and will continue to work for the people and the causes in which we believe.

I enjoyed my time in the State House and State Senate, but I am particularly grateful for the privilege of serving as Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner.  I am grateful to my best partner for the last 54 years, Suzanne, who stood by me and worked with me through successful elections and failed ones.  I am grateful for the excellent staff at the Department of Insurance that has enabled me to be successful over the last seven years.  I am grateful for my supporters around the State who helped me get elected and re-elected to this office.  Most of all, I am grateful to my God who has given me so many blessings- the greatest of which have nothing to do with politics.




Ralph Hudgens

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