Wrong Priorities


What the heck is wrong with Americans today? Whatever it is, it’s a confusing media induced
phenomena that focuses our attention on wrong priorities by embracing whole new definitions of
social terms we need to learn in order to survive in the Progressive new world of Democrat party
domination. It’s an elitist perception that assumes Americans are really a bunch of “rubes” that
need to be entertained rather that informed. Enter the Kardashians for an example.

Our fake news media, as a propaganda medium for socialist living, focuses only on what’s truly
unimportant to most Americans feeding us doses of entertainment pablum to satisfy, they think,
the desperate needs of the lowest common denominator of public interest, half naked women
with big asses. Forget that Democrat politicians, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Schiff are all
contemptible liars who construct improbable scenarios that, like true fiction, go nowhere.

The media needs to understand that most Americans have absolutely no interest at all in the
totally unimportant fact that Harry and Meagan have thrown in the towel on their royal duties to
move to Canada. So, who cares? I just read something more important: Soleimani just met
Jeffery Epstein who told him “he didn’t commit suicide.” Now that’s important news!

The damage being done to the Democrat Party by its rabid hatred of America’s most successful
President ever, Donald Trump, is almost unbelievable yet the media ignores the signs of decay.
They are not alarmed that the scheming House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, seems to believe that
the stigma of “impeachment” will stick to the Presidents coat tails as an anchor of shame, to
stand forever as a pitiful example of the electorate voting Trump into office instead of the odious
Hillary Clinton. It won’t happen simply because Pelosi hopes it will. Instead, his Impeachment
will shine like a burnished Nobel prize medallion.

As to the laughable impeachment issue, it should be obvious to even the most casual observer
that Pelosi’s mindless gibberish about her reasons for not sending the doomed House Articles
of Impeachment for trial in the Senate, is making her the butt of jokes and worse, a probable
target for removal by her less sanguine party members who must have come to the inevitable
conclusion that an exhausted Nancy has run her course and needs to be retired. The media
refuses to confirm what we see that their priority should be to save the Democrat Party, not sink

Iranian’s are flooding the streets of their cities, calling, not for “Death to America” because
Trump killed a General, but “Down with the Regime” demanding an end to forty years of Islamic
oppression, economic failure and the daily failure of everything else they do. Naw, the priorities
of our media focused on the removal of a terrorist leader likening it to the unlawful assassination
of an honored Islamic Scholar and Democrats got right in line with the media.

The Media still wallows in the glory of Trumps impeachment over a telephone call to the Ukraine
president shamefully to initiate an investigation on the nefarious activities of the Ukrainian
Energy Company and Hunter Biden’s roll in it, lest Trump should withhold allocated funds. That
story immediately fell apart because Joe Biden did do it, so still, no answers have come to the
serious questions of how an incompetent, dope using, cashiered reserve naval officer, became
wealthy over the years his papa was VP. What are the media’s priorities? Well, to prove that
Democrats don’t really commit crimes, they just make little mistakes, silly errors and minor
improprieties. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get’em!

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