Will Tyranny Become Our New Normal?


Written By George McClellan

No greater reason in the world could possible exist to force the immediate removal of weak
Progressives (Democrats) from government leadership, at all levels, than what we are now
witnessing on the streets of our once great”Shining City’s on the Hill,”Americas promise.

Madison observed that the epitome of tyranny is the combination, in a single unit, of the
functions of all three branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial. A Democrat
filled Deep State accomplishes that! History provides us with multiple examples of tyrannical
governments that never transited through the three equal branches of government and back into
Tyranny, other than what is happening to us right now. Our liberty, under attack, was protected by
Constitutional guarantees, written in blood on the fields of battle and Democrats think it’s okay!

Of course it’s not okay, because no other government in the entire history of mankind, except
the United States of America, has created what people desired and were willing to die for. We
are losing our America to the mobs of anarchy. America is not only the world best chance, it’s
the worlds last chance for the dignity of man to be realized. If it is to exist, It has to be protected
and, from what we are now witnessing, the cost of that protection has drawn innocent blood and
I do not mean George Floyd’s.

An incident in Oakland, California’s version of “honoring George Floyd” has changed the game.
A hidden sniper murdered a Federal Protective Service Officer and wounded another. Counter-
snipers will now become the new police norm. A Black clad woman in NYC thought she had the
protection of the mob around her as she threw a “Molotov Cocktail” at a passing police van with
four police occupants. Her protection wasn’t enough and she is now in custody charged with
four counts of attempted murder, not to forget arson, rioting and destruction of property charges,
among many others. One must wonder if she was there for a lark, or was she a genuine, half
trained full fledged member of Antifa willing to do her part to pursue Americas destruction?

Expect future civil disobedience events to be covered by police snipers. They will be there to
neutralize selected targets in defense of their own. Expect hooded and masked rioters to
disappear from the rioting crowds and night time round ups of the known perpetrators. Expect to
see quiet on our streets again unless of course, the leadership of city, towns and states remains
in Blue hands. “Res ipsa loquitur.”

Like a fast spreading prairie fire, organized protests, no longer peaceful, have sprung up almost
immediately in Progressive (Blue) cities across our nation. The technology of instant
communication abets the guiding hand of methodical, pre-planned tyranny now visible on our
burning street corners. Organized and combined attacks against the visible presence of law and
order, and the now routine plundering of commercial shops and stores left burning in city
squares, is proof enough that a guiding hand of Americas destruction is calling the shots.

We are therefore today, witness to a near collapse of our society into a tyranny most Americans
have never experienced. For fifty years we have coddled insolence, justified or appeased
criminals, and now Progressive leaders are returning violent felons back onto our streets so
they won’t contract a Chinese virus. Years of weak, empathetic, feel good leadership has sown
the seeds of our present dilemma because no one ever told them “No,” followed by a good swift
kick to the arse, translated to mean: swift justice accompanied by the bitter sting of punishment.

We are reaping what we sowed! Thank God for Donald Trump!

Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get em!


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