Whose Vision Will Prevail?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

The Democrats are attempting a crash revival of their grass roots hoping to reinvigorate its members to come back from the dead and reclaim their rightful role of governing. We hear their efforts are designed in the Tea Party model that brought us the House in 2012 and the Senate in 2014 as well as the Executive in 2016. Michael Moore is apparently in charge, he thinks!

Will they succeed? Don’t count on it!. The motivations energizing both efforts, the Conservative Tea Party’s and the Riotous Democrats, are entirely different. The only thing that compares is the necessity of winning seats in local elections and the Democrats need a message for that.

The Tea Party Conservatives, since Obama, lost nothing and gained everything. The feckless  Republicans gladly claimed the victory as theirs except, they lacked the courage to accept leadership and move forward. The Democrats, on the other hand, lost all, especially their message, but continue to act like they are in charge.

Democrats think they speak in the same words the Tea Parties used in 2009 when Obama’s liberal agenda alarmed Americans. The Democrat party, having long ago abandoned their American identity, displayed no such concern for that but, indeed encouraged a push to socialism with programs contrary to the Constitution and the rule of law.

From that deep concern about possibly losing our Constitutional Republic to Socialism, and government requiring more and more funds to sustain its give-away programs to unions, the false gods of cheap energy and foreign entities, the Tea Parties (Taxed Enough Already) sprung up like Daffodils in Spring and started challenging those politicians who supported those alien, and expensive unAmerican ideas of Democrat and Republican alike. We know the results.

After the first cycle of the last Democrat Congress, the Tea party’s snatched the House of Representative from Democrat hands and place it in Republican hands, but, condition by decades of subservience to Democrat agenda’s, they didn’t know what to do with it.

Two years later the Tea Party’s gave Republicans the Senate and they still were fearful of offending the agenda setters. By this time, seeing the Tea party successes, more concerned conservative voters climbed on board with their effort, their money and their enthusiasm.

That left only the Executive, still in the hands of a buffoon, a grand mufti with grand ideas, polished oratorical skills, but a forked tongue, leading from behind. Displaying no leadership, he allowed America to slip noisily into a third world position losing its political and military leadership in Asia, its voice in the Middle-east, and its honor in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Trashing the tight compact with Israel, Obama, still without leadership, but laden with hatred, left the door wide open to world Islamic terrorism. Thank you Mr. Obama!

The only thing left for their hopes of keeping the Presidency, and their great dream of having it all, was with a flawed candidate encumbered by crime, bribery and poor health. Their biggest  problems being able to muster the electoral votes to change America forever.

The Tea Party’s were having none of that and after a grueling campaign against establishment corruption, Democrat and Republican alike, a charismatic candidate, complete with business acumen, management skills but a virtual novice to politics, did the impossible.

Now is the time for the Republicans to fish or cut bait. Donald Trump, not beholding to any outside sources, including Republicans, is driving the bus. Those who want to go with him, climb  aboard. Those who don’t, get the hell out of the way. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (23Feb17)

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