Whose Rule of Law Is It Anyway?


Opinion by George McClellan:
Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico and Libertarian presidential candidate opined on CNN Sunday morning that he did not think Hillary Clinton was in any legal jeopardy with her unauthorized use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. “I don’t think there’s been criminal intent on Hillary Clinton’s part, so I don’t see an indictment,” he said. “I’m not a stone thrower when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her emails and her server,” Johnson added. Did Mr. Johnson know something we didn’t? Obama said the same thing a few weeks earlier.

In response to Mr. Johnsons opinion, my natural reply would be to say: Of course it was willful; of course it was deliberate and more importantly, of course it was criminal. The sad part is that Hillary Clinton, now firmly believes that she can get around all those tawdry little rules designed to keep us “sheep” in line, but not her because she is simply too precious to be jailed and too important to be hindered. It’s her turn so get the hell out of the way or get run over.

Immediately our Independence Day celebrations were over we were advised, in no uncertain terms, that the rule of law in America had ended, based as it was on an archaic relic designed by old European white men, no longer applicable to todays progressive government. Our Constitution, they say, is out of step with modern reality and must be updated to reflect the newer, more enlightened achievements their Progressive society requires to exist.

I had long assumed that the law mattered and that rules applied to everyone. I thought laws would be enforced equally until repealed. I accepted that the US Constitution, the foundation of all our laws, was infallible and guaranteed the law would be respected even if disliked. After FBI Director Comey’s press release yesterday, I now realize how absolutely wrong I have been.

That’s not our country today. An important part of how our justice system works is the presentation of the facts to a Grand Jury. FBI Director Comey omitted telling us this fact. At what point did Director Comey and Loretta Lynch, both unelected bureaucrats, decide not to consider a Grand Jury for Hillary Clinton? Intent, willfulness, mishandling, are all important facts for only a Grand Jury to decide, not the Director of the FBI or the US Attorney General. That’s how our system works, or should. That action alone has shredded any trust Americans retained for the DOJ.

In light of the FBI’s stunning decision to allow the criminal, Hillary Clinton, to proceed on her path to the Presidency, why should we any longer feel compelled to respect these people? Do we owe them any loyalty? And, more importantly, are they owed our obedience?

They will now expect us to get in line and obey. Our new masters will continue to rob us of our earnings, swamp us with barbarians from the hot sands of the middle east and set a ruthless course of rending the fabric of America’s greatness and replace the Constitution with the pitiless scripts developed by13th century sex addicted pedophiles.

Why should the law matter if it no longer applies to everybody? Why are despotic leaders like Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, criminals all, exculpated from their felonies, and not impeded in their quest for American royalty? When will it end? Soon enough I believe. Trump is the answer!

It is time to resist. It is time for everyone to complain. It is time to disturb the countenance of ineffective politicians, demand their votes for principles or demand their resignations. Remember, freedom is the goal, thew Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (6 July 2016)

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