Who Owns What, Where? Follow the Money!


Who Owns What, Where? Follow the Money!

The final arrests of the four remaining American protesters in the Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, is simply another step by a rogue government of jihadists, marxists and fascists, to force, at the point of a gun, the compliance of Americans to the unconstitutional practices of a criminal administration. There can be no police state if the people refuse to comply with it. The  few in Burns Oregon have tried and have shown other Americans the way.

This incident, like the Bundy Ranch standoff last year, raises the question of who actually does own the vast stretches of lands in the west, long owned by cattle ranchers, farmers and miners to create the wealth that made America the formidable nation it is. To whom does it belong?  the individual states and therefore the people, or the federal government? This is a question that absolutely must be resolved.

Government, long has arbitrarily made decisions for us, often without our consent but always with our silent acquiescence, because we didn’t know what to do. Over the decades, Americans have come to trust government enough to permit them to make decisions for us while we worried about creating families, earning a living to support and educate our children and to grow old with a sound retirement, hopefully surrounded by our children and grand children.

History, if we study it for the truth it contains, tells of many collusions between government and special interests, like banks, railroads, highway builders and so on. Of course right of ways, had to be claimed (from whom?), buffalo hunted to feed work crews, and farms plowed to provide a greater abundance of food stuffs.

It cannot be argued against that most of these things, early in our history, helped promote an industrialized and agriculturally sufficient America to permit us to claim the exceptionalism that Obama doesn’t recognize. He wants to tear it down, in the name of fairness and income equality and, in so doing, replace the white European-American culture, with its advances in science, industry and medicine, with sub-continent savages, goat herders and camel jockeys.

The feckless arrogance of the federal government, starting as far back as Woodrow Wilson, has enabled them to get away with their Socialization plans because for every one step the Socialists took forward, they would claim three because there was no push back by Republicans who were supposed to defend the constitution. The Republicans have absented themselves from the governing process for so long that they have grown accustomed to it. Now, it is almost too late. We now need a bunch of new Republicans who will do what they pledge to do.

Two hundred years ago, government and industry together, whether for wealth, Indian control, fur trade monopolies or mining and timber concessions, worked fairly well together because most men were at least honorable and kept their word. While no man is expected to work without just compensation, to cheat the systems, as politicians are doing with accounting frauds, reveals that Duty, Honor and Country are only words chiseled onto a wall. Most politicians today, men and women, are without honor, scruples, or dignity. Most lie for a living and most actually get away with it.  Only a police state can save them now, but not for long.

The Burns, Oregon protesters, acting in a righteous cause, clearly did pledge their lives, fortunes and scare honor to defend their beliefs and the Constitution against a rogue and out of control government. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go join ‘em, if you can! (11 Feb 2016)

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