Who Is Richard “Ric” Grenell?…The Destroyer


Written by George McClellan

If I was a betting man, I’d say Trump is going to have a gay ol’ time cleaning out his closet.
That’ why he appointed Ric Grenell his “acting” Director of National Intelligence. Grenell is still
Trumps Ambassador to Germany and apparently will remain so. He’s a Harvard graduate, not
always a good thing but it checks off a needed box. He spent some years at the UN defending
the US from the collectivist machinations of those mediocre cretins, and has pushed hard to
make NATO countries, especially Germany, pay their fair share for their own defense.

In light of his experience over the past three years, President Trump has come to realize that
the Intelligence community’s role is not to serve the American people, but to protect and serve
the personal interests of what we have come to know as the “Deep State”.Look at it like a large
family, the Cosa Nostra for example, intent on its own self preservation to the detriment of any
outsiders, and Trump is most definitely an outsider.

To his advantage, Mr. Grenell is a constitutionalist, Trump supporter who has cultivated a team
of like thinking patriots with the sole purpose, at Trumps direction, to purge the bloated non
functional bureaucracies of the governments national security and foreign policy establishments.
Gone will be the “Never Trump” leakers and policy saboteurs to be replaced hopefully, with
actual true conservative patriots. William Barr has already started on the DoJ.

Like the government, big families like Cosa Nostra, the labor and teachers unions and college
faculties, all have leaders, semi-gods if you will, whose sole purpose is to promote their “families”
fortunes at the expense of that vast field of silly fools, the American taxpayer.

Some years ago, non-professional parts of the US government were allowed to unionize. That
was for the worker bees so they felt they were a part of “the family.”The important organs of the
government however, the spy’s and law enforcement arms, didn’t unionize, they just became the
de facto “Capos” of the bureaucracies, unwatched and unaccountable. Our elected pro forma
congressional overseers to the federal bureaucracies, many bereft of how their oversight duties
are conducted and fearful of exposure of their own individual perfidies, compromised their
important duties into near uselessness. The “Family” survives! Thank J. Edgar Hoover for that.

Ric Grenell, a one off character of noted government accomplishment, who’s sexual proclivities
are no secret rendering him immune to either foreign or domestic pressure to do anything
except his job, is now to be Trumps wrecking ball. That makes him fearless and being fearless
and a “gay.” Republican appointed by Trump to do a housecleaning job, makes the miscreants
of the “family” fearful about their own safety. The rats will soon flee the sinking ship.

The pressure is on. Because Grenell brings to government service a work ethic the family lost
long ago, a willingness to rise above standard conformity and mediocrity, and leave a trail of
quality accomplishment in his path, Grenell has three years of wasted time to catch up on. The
media of course, the Deep States self-defense arm, no longer knows what to do. They’ve shot
their wad so to speak. All their old tricks are out of the bag so all they can do now is scream that
Trump is set on ruining America’s respected institutions.

This purge is not limited to Obama sycophantic leakers and saboteurs, it includes the GOP’s old
guard “conservative” hands (RINO), who found their loyalty to the elites of the Deep State
stronger than their purported conservatism or oaths of office. Let the wrecking begin!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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