What Lies In The Future For the DNC?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

What is the best thing conservatives could hope right now? How about three cheers for Keith Ellison as DNC Chairman, three cheers for Elizabeth, the Indian Princess, Warren as the Democrats 2020 Presidential candidate; and a round of applause for the deranged Bolsheviks roiling in their paroxysms of anti-American, pro-Marxist tirades in full public view? Death and destruction for all, join the fray and get paid $50. an hour for it. Life can sure be good.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a deep burning desire to occupy the DNC chair and Keith Ellison is their guy. Naturally, conservatives should actively support his candidacy as the best thing for Democrats if they hope to regain power to themselves. We should encourage democrats to read the latest issue of Mother Jones magazine that outlines Keith Ellison’s sterling achievements and encourage all Democrats to accept their own party’s recommendations for his leadership.

Don’t mention that he’s an strong adherent to Islam, that’s Islamophobic and racist.

Mark my words, for the grass roots, Mr. Ellison is the odds on favorite for that prestigious position. He has garnered the important endorsements of Democrat illuminaries like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and their beloved elder statesman, Chuckie Schumer. Imagine the incredible power that lies behind that coterie of Marxist usurpers ready to satisfy their party’s relentless drive to remain irrelevant. Even the sickly and elderly Hillary Clinton vaguely chimed in on her behalf. Wow, they do indeed hold a winning hand, aces high!!

Elizabeth Warren, can we call her Betty? is “the woman who would not be silenced,” the new, undisputed face of the Democrat party’s hopes for 2020, put there because that awful Mitch McConnell shut her down while she delivered an impassioned speech critical of Senator, Jeff Sessions (R-Al), a violation of Senatorial rules. Oh, the shame! Why, rules were made for Republicans, not loving and caring Democrats. But, Betty, like Obama, follows the Marxist line and, like Obama, appears bereft of any substance, depth or a vision for America except the need for all Americans to embrace Socialism. Her problem, like many others is, she’s losing her appeal in her home state as a Senator and if she loses that, it’s good by Betty!

Nascent in the wings are two slowly emerging political forces claiming a voice. First, many post-millennial conservatives are no longer attracted by Marxist BS but are increasingly participating in a return from political correctness to conservatism principles, not the old GOP’s brand of nonsense, but the Tea Party kind. And, lest we forget, Obama has finished his little vacation in the Bahamas and has set up shop in his new fortress DC, a mile or so away from the White House, to reinvigorate the DNC in his image and reclaim the legacy that Trump is now trashing. Obama’s choice for DNC Chair is Tom Perez, his former Civil Rights Czar. Obama is a political loser but an effective community organizer.

Do we remember Organizing For America (OFA), formerly Acorn, Obama’s personal political Bolsheviks? By reinvigorating OFA, Obama is working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be his shadow government to restore his disastrous political legacy and sabotage the Trump administration and his popular “America First” agenda. The many recent anti-Trump demonstrations around the US were, it is said, OFA orchestrated.

Believe me, Democrats are determined to restore their Socialist vision for America and destroy, once and for all, conservatism. We’ve been warned! We should be alert and not drop our defenses. At last, we’ve got it all, let’s not toss it away because some Republicans don’t realize the new truths but still feel the need for bipartisanship. Those days are over!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em. (11 Feb 2017)

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