What is Becoming of American Politics?


Opinion by George McClellan:

It would seem that only the most ruthless or the truly most criminal aspirants to power and control have the chutzpah to even want to run for President of the United States. Good people don’t run because they fear being criminalized by insinuation by a press no longer fairly fulfilling the role of the forth estate, a media firmly lodged in the folds of progressive liberalism.

Americans are now being plied with inimical foreign ideas and philosophies smugly introduced into a once democratic Republic as ideas comparable to our Constitution and rule of law, worthy of emulation and acceptance. Dissenter are quickly crucified on the public alter of humiliation as either homophobic, Islamaphobic, racist or bigoted. They are attacked by screaming mobs of educated illiterates from many walks of society. Trump resists.

This election year marks the beginning of a serious political realignment between new, very partisan coalitions who are determined they will decide whose ideas and beliefs they stand for, and the old guards who are lost in the fading antiquity of their prior existence and don’t know it.

They do it by no longer bothering to consult with the existing political parties who now find themselves lost and bewildered in jungle of competing factions all demanding some form of positive action while their own public platform has been snatched away from them. In the Republicans case, Donald Trump has inevitably changed the course of Republican campaigning attitudes, goals and outcomes.

The Democrats have reinvented their party like it came directly off the pages of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. At their last national convention, they purposefully, intentionally abandoned God and bragged about it. A free criminal has demanded she be installed and anointed as their candidate simply because she is a woman and “isn’t it time for a woman to be President…?” Their party has embraced .03% of the population of sexual deviates, black lives matters activists and Muslims jihadists, as their standards of fairness and inclusion.

The Republicans still pledge allegiance to the flag and start all meetings, etc. with a prayer. But visible changes there can’t be ignored. How is it a Republican Governor, Georgia’s Nathan Deal, wouldn’t even make a quick fight from Atlanta to Augusta (Ga.) to speak to the state GOP party’s convention? Because, being a former Democrat, he still believes in the old ways. He vetoed several conservative bills so as not to offend progressives all in the name of fairness.

American politics are changing in profound and lasting ways. The old shibboleths, once never to be mentioned, like Social Security, illegal border crashers, welfare for all, are now being talked about. Warned against, but not discussed in detail by our old time politicians is the fact that America now spends more money than it takes in and our mediocre Republican congress, all of whom we just returned to have another go, still voted for more indebtedness to keep the happy ball rolling regardless of the inevitable oncoming economic collapse. Anarchy will soon follow.

Trump will be the Republican nominee. The question for the Republican Party now is, are they willing to rally around Trump, someone the people want, or return to the old economic policies of free trade, mass immigration and entitlement reform as the party’s main platform? If so, Trump will have to accept it. If the core of Republican voters reject that platform, Trump must continue to be his own man, set the goals he enlivened the base with and get the changes moving.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (5 June 2016)


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