War, Turmoil, Distraction and Degradation


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Depending on which media outlet one chooses as their primary news source, news events are either cast as “sensational,” therefore demanding immediate response from our national political leaders, or “indifferent” in order to protect the response of our national political leaders. Turmoil and war, and the threat of war, rioting in the streets and supporting crime through sanctuary city programs are distractions leading to our degradation.

Donald Trump’s election came as a complete and total shock, not only to the Marxist oriented American Democrat party, but especially to the globalist banking elites who assumed that with Hillary Clinton’s victory, they would at last have, in place, the one final key that would cause the last domino to fall, the United States of America, to achieve their goal of a New World Order. It’s been delayed but the shock waves are still being felt worldwide. A distraction is needed. Korea perhaps?

For our socialization, the last piece of the Marxist-Leninist scheme in place to dominate America and thus, the world, was Obama’s Affordable Care Act, a carefully staged, intentional disaster, to achieve a single payer (government) scheme, but only if Hillary won. To take over healthcare, as Marx wrote, was the final step in degrading a country. If people realized it, they would oppose it. Therefore, the need for the distractions of war, turmoil and confusion.

At the moment their scheme have been halted because of Trump’s populist victory, but time is on their side and they will be back unless they can be destroyed. The Trump Derangement Syndrome now on display in reaction to Donald Trump’s election victory, is proof enough that their plans were severely disrupted. But the Left never quits. Their attacks on him will continue.

It is now undeniable, after economists have studied the records of decades of the rise and fall of nations, the economic terms of wealth and want, feast and famine, and the periods of conflict we have endured, that our history comes in measurable and predictable cycles. Understandably, we are in a war cycle now and, it was predicted.

The subversives in America, the old CPUSA, are now disguised as environmentalists, bankers, educators, church leaders, businessmen and politicians, mostly all Democrats, certainly Liberals. They have subverted our banking systems, our educational systems, by indoctrinating America’s children to think in terms of “multicultural collectivism,” and our Judicial systems by emplacing liberal judges on the bench to make rulings in accordance to Progressive orthodoxy, not constitutional law.

American’s cannot be conquered until we are degraded. By subverting the institutions that provided America its moral codes and legal standards and thus it’s prized exceptionalism, the slow, incremental degradation will continue. The mass importation of muslims into the American hinterland and the criminalizing of any ill word against them as throat cutters and women stoners, terrorists & etc. is deemed a “hate crime” and an affront to the Progressive rule of law that must be punished, not by outraged Muslims, but by our own politicians and courts. We see examples of the Left’s continued attempts to degrade us, using our own laws, in the news every day.

What’s next, war? I fear North Korea fits the bill as a distraction. For the media, North Korea is the first issue of “sensationalism.” Will we be in another war? Trump has already punished Syria on Obama’s behalf for his “Red Line” fiasco. Is it now North Korea’s turn? Why? We have serious problems here that I believe is another example of a world turmoil issue that the New World Order crowd needs, and even promotes, in order that uncooperative nations, like America, remain financially indebted, to them.

If conflict with NK comes about, I don’t see it as a conventional war, asymmetric or otherwise. NK learned its lessons from the 1950’s when we brought overwhelming airpower to bear and swept away all their efforts at defense and stymied their attempt to install Soviet style communism in the entire Korean peninsula. That won’t happen again. Instead, serious anti-aircraft measures consisting of advanced Russian and Chinese missile technology will defend their air space, not just over the battlefield, but far beyond it.  A curse to the US Navy.

In the intervening decades, the NK’s have tunneled the hell out of their mountains, including multiple avenues of attack facing South Korea. Many, as yet undiscovered tunnels are ready to be opened for just such a purpose. Also, deep underground, they have labs and workshops, command and control HQ’s, storage facilities and troop cantonments buried throughout the country and, by manpower size alone, nearly one of the largest standing army’s in the world ready to swarm out and overwhelm our boots on the ground. It will be nasty because Introducing ground troops into that little patch of earth could be a military disaster and would be a political disaster leaving the worlds financiers to pick up the pieces. They’re waiting to do just that. They expect it will happen. They will fund it.

An invasion by America into North Korea would create other potential crisis for our military and political leaders, such as not accidentally violating Chinese air space for example. That’s a  provocation we do not need and a recipe for certain disaster. NK has two allies, China and Russia both of which do not want to see a unified Korea under American tutelage. America could not reinstitute the1950’s era of a United Nations command structure to face the North Korean’s because two seats on the Security Council would vote “No,” Russia and China and, we cannot do it alone, even with South Korea and Japan at our side!

All we could do would be to damage the country’s surface land features, hopefully without touching Chinese land next door. And, naturally the Chinese will use the situations as a combat training opportunity for their own commanders, learning US military’s combat techniques and force application all from the safety of their borders. They will test their own electronic counter measure abilities as well and then, where will we be?

A war with No. Korea, if it comes, will be an electronic war, with satellites, drones, missiles, maybe stealth airplanes, electronic guns, hacking and cyber attacks. We’re in a brave new world now and war is really not good for our economy like it once was. Indeed, it is the perfect damper to kill free trade and economic production. Remember, follow the money!

Right now, the US is dependent on the position of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Without that status the American economy is dead in the water. China has already positioned itself as a central pillar in global trade and could, if helped by a few other nations favorable to America’s demise, kill and replace the dollars reserve status very quickly. China has its own economic problems of course, but they pale to ours.

Economically, a war with North Korea would have nothing to do with the belligerence of North Korea or its nuclear program. It is a distraction. On the world stage it is a means to a greater end, one designed to financially weaken, destabilize and degrade America as the world’s one and only super power.

At the moment the American dollar still enjoys the favorable status as the world’s reserve currency. We could use it as a weapon except it all runs through the IMF and the world’s central banks, the very globalists that seeks the New World Order that our destabilization would bring.

This destabilization, turmoil and war, is the point where populations will rise up against populism, nativism and nationalism deem them unworkable as political solutions, demand peace at any price and beg them to fix it. If so, they will have won and the new ‘Dark Age’ that George Orwell foretold will have arrived.

In the end, there is little or nothing to be gained by pursuing a military confrontation with North Korea especially, on their terms. It could turn nuclear! If they shoot first, then all bets are off.

So we must ask ourselves who actually would gain from it? Are the world banks going to pick the winners and losers? If we follow the money, it can’t be good for America and it’s certainly not good for the world. So who needs a new world order anyway? Who wants it, and why? That is the ultimate question.

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