Opinion by George McClellan:

Trust is the glue that binds! lying is the solvent that erodes that trust and empowers a culture of dishonesty. People, in groups, communities and businesses all function well together when each member can be trusted to do the tasks they were assigned. Most of our daily encounters involve the little things we normally don’t give a second thought about. When we trust the person assigned to do the task, life is happy and uncomplicated.

It is with little children that the task of teaching truth telling becomes a primary function of parents and family. Many issues will alter that mission if a person harbors ill intent, has devious sexual proclivities, or is afflicted with social diseases such as Kleptomania or drug use. These things we understand and can account for. That’s why we have regulatory agencies like our city, county and state police forces; deans, principals and truant officers in our schools.

Our parents taught us, often using strident measures, the folly of lying and the consequences of even thinking we could get away with fibbing on some issue that came to their attention. Our parents recognized B.S when they heard it and corrective action was always immediately taken. Government has relieved us of those burdens. It doesn’t take a village.

There are exceptions: When war time Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill, was told that the German Enigma Cipher Code had finally been broken and virtually all Nazi communications could be read, often, even before the German High Command got them, he slammed down a veil secrecy so tight that the Germans never suspected for one instant, their vaunted, unbreakable cipher codes had been breached.

The result was the permitted continued attacks on ships at sea and cities in the mid-lands, with death and destruction raining down on English production by the German Luftwaffe. This was clearly a lie of momentous proportions but Churchill said, the Enigma discovery was so important, “it had to be protected by a body guard of lies” to safeguard the deceptions Britain was using against the Germans. It worked, but it took time.

What is Hillary Clinton’s excuse? “I didn’t know, I’m just a silly woman who doesn’t understand these thing?” “My staff did it!” “I never passed classified information on my private server, not once. I gave everything to the State Department!” “It was a video!”

Her lying is now so completely exposed to public scrutiny that even jokes are made of it. Are they so egregious that they can’t be ignored? Is America’s security, at the hands of this hapless government functionary, so inconsequential as to be meaningless to our country’s future? Can she can be trusted for one second to be our Commander-in-Chief?

Clearly, the depths of her lying far exceeds the level of loss of trust, yet, there is the FBI and the DoJ, enabling her to be the Commander-in-Chief and the Democrat Party, upholding her demands to be President, because “It’s her turn and isn’t it time we had a woman president?”

The Democrat party, infected by the Clinton’s and the Obama’s with the solvent of lying, has lost all moral authority to govern. But, the disease spread so quickly, even to the GOP and main stream media, that ‘trust’ has become a silly word no longer understandable to the daily business of government. The contagion of deceit has spread into our school curriculums, our food production, our manufacturing abilities, our religion, our economics and even into our daily lives. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (21 July 2016)


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