Trump Presses On


Opinion by George McClellan:

Are we having fun yet? The Democrat party has all but been done away with and now it’s the GOP elites turn, if they don’t get Trump first. The “Freedom Caucus” of forty plus Tea Party House Republicans are turning their eyes toward the corrupt mess that still exists within the ranks of the GOP.

It’s been eighteen months since the departure of John Boehner as Speaker and the installation of Rep. Paul Ryan as his replacement. The turmoil among hopefuls jockeying for political sainthood, combined with the long and tedious campaign for power, gave Speaker Ryan breathing room to attempt to mold the House Republicans into a polyglot machine to maintain the status quo. They haven’t learned a thing.

Naturally, not one of the elites, especially those with deep connections inside the beltway, thought for a moment that Donald Trump stood a chance of winning the Primary let alone the General Election. Immediately he did, all was in disarray and, like a 7.0 earthquake, the political landscape was permanently altered and the upheaval became a wonderful sight to behold.

Trumps GOP enemies, reeling in confusion and stunned disbelief, quickly abandoned their own pledge to support the Republican nominee, the very same pledge they attempted to extract earlier from an unwilling Donald Trump. Speaker Ryan, a confirmed elitist, waited until too late to endorse Trump and his creditability as a supporter is now suspect. His term as Speaker may end sooner that he thinks. But, not to worry, Trump is doing what successful business people do, he’s moving on, without Ryan and the GOP. It is now the Freedom Caucus’s turn to help Trump make ‘America Great Again’ and they know it but, they have very little time to act.

First, the House failure to pursue impeachment against IRS Director Koskinin has stirred their ire and suggests a continuation of Boehner’s inept leadership by finding reasons for not doing what Americans want and need, a full accounting of the federal government’s criminal machine under Obama and Clinton and flushing those creatures out of government and into prison. Already the House Leadership talks of delaying the repeal of Obamacare for one, two or maybe even three years. This will not do and one suspects Trump doesn’t think it will either.

Syndicated columnist Ann Coulter, the only media type who was prescient enough to predict in advance that Trump would be President, now complains that Trumps nominees aren’t different enough from what could have been expected from Jeb Bush. She may be right, she often is, however, we must recognize that Trump is not yet President, Obama still is, and so it would be churlish not to speak kindly of the outgoing regime no matter how loathsome it is.

For the Elites who can’t believe that Trump is ignoring them and their Republican platform, it’s time for a mind re-set. Trumps choices for Sec. of Labor, Andy Puzder and Dir. of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, marks an important step in confirming to Americans his promise to drain the swamp.

Finally, the faux fake news about the Russians hacking the DNC and the RNC’s emails, has generate a phony, media organized storm, the purpose of which is to undo the election. The geriatric Sen. McCain and Sen Lindsay Graham were joined by Mitch McConnell to request an investigation into alleged Russian hacking. A storm in a tea cup and nothing more. They can’t abide a Trump presidency and the Left can’t believe they were rejected. So, what to do? Discredit Trump even before he takes the oath of office. Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12 Dec 2016)

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