The Weariness of Desperate Politics


Written by George McClellan

We instinctively know that everything in life and nature runs in cycles; except the Democrats
desperate determination to destroy Donald Trump. They are not in the least cycling back to
anything resembling normality but turning the constitutional Impeachment process into a political
tool that will haunt Presidents forever, unless it is stopped right now.

It may appear that Democrats are trying to impeach Trump on his motives, as they want to see
them, not on the facts. “Screw the facts.” Democrats make up their own facts as we see in this
impeachment process time and again. It would seal the re-election of any Republican Senator
who just stood up and shouted “enough of this BS, let’s vote and got home!” The Democrats are
a contemptible collection of evil doers, unwilling to follow the rules that have served America
since its beginning. They must create rules that supports only their agenda.

But why the dementia? Because Trump is ruining their long laid out plans to “fundamentally
change America.” They want a diverse multicultural Marxist society that historically is the death
of every Representative form of government. Democrats argue for true democracy when
democracy is not the goal, only a means of reaching the goal.

Presently, in the growing weariness of this sham impeachment of Trump business, the
Democrats are losing their audience. It is a next to the last stand the Progressives have to stop
Trumps hemorrhaging of their socialization of America plans so cunningly laid out over forty plus
years. Trump said it correctly:”they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in their way.”

Too, the TDS virus has divided the Democrat Party because they haven’t unified the whole of
their party to accept their vision of Bolshevism. Bolsheviks, in the developing Soviet empire,
simply jailed or killed non-believers and recidivists. The Democrats can hardly do that but, as
the trail of unaccounted deaths in the wake of the Clinton’s political matriculation from Little
Rock to the White House, to Chappaqua has shown, it can be done.

On top of their organizational and policy problems, the Democrats have presented no plan to
govern except to defeat Trump. Impeachment is all they have left to fire up their”hate Trump”
campaign,because he defeated Hillary Clinton at the ballot box. They’ll use it again.

As weary as this trial has become, there is something significant going on out here in fly-
overland; a subtle but singular change of voters opinions, an underlying force gaining strength
and momentum that should alarm the Democrats because it threatens to overtake them by
exposing and eroding the foundation of their whole Marxist agenda. The Deep State is the
Democrat Party, with the odd Republican thrown in for bipartisanship purposes.

The development of this phony trial without a crime shows us the Democrats do have an
Achilles heel. It’s the Biden-Ukrainian controversy that will expose the Obama administration
and Joe Biden’s role in it as the corrupt politicians they are. If it’s not true, how then has Joe
Biden, a multi-millionaire and so demonstrably a stupid man, survived the political process for
decades? How does Joe’s equally inept, drug addled son, Hunter Biden, find a position on a
corrupt energy company’s board in a foreign country, at a salary that defies understanding. The
examples go on and on but, Trump has ripped off the scab of their criminality. That’s why they
want him gone, never to come back. Trump has four more years to kill the dragon. We have four
more years to help him return conservatism and sanity to our federal government.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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