The Turmoil of a Republican Presidency


Opinion by George McClellan:

Has it dawned on anybody yet, the supreme importance of not only defeating the Clinton machine in the general election, but of neutralizing, at the same time, the influence of Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, & etc. if either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump succeeds to the Presidency? There is a revolution going on and we must be prepared to support it.

In the event of that happy outcome we would still face four years of complete internal turmoil of criminal accusations, character assassinating claims of infidelity and party destroying antics that can only weaken our will to resist the further encroachment of Socialism and Jihadism.

I believe the GOP elites, upon resignation to the fact that a non-company man will become the Commander-in-Chief, will respond like a sabotage cell of secret anarchists and move to underhandedly undermine every effort of the new president to make the changes he promised he would. What weapon will they use? Why, the Constitution of course. Yes, the same one they refused to use against the odious Obama.

The thing about political promises is that the winner must bring his party along. If not, he faces two enemies, the Democrat Progressives and the big government party of corrupt Republican’s who will, more than likely, unite tightly together with the Progressives to resist their common enemy, be it either either Trump or Cruz.

The new President must act quickly using his own selected people, like Obama did, to swiftly occupy the ‘bully bull pit” and enact his programs making them ‘faits accompli.’ The resistance will be furious. The new President must then expose those politicians in our party, or threaten them with exposure, for their own malfeasance until he shall obtain their compliance. That’s the game of politics and that’s how it’s played. It’s a brutal, tough playing field and it must be won. Trump has the instinct to succeed and the killer skills to do so. Ted Cruz probably does too, but with more subtlety.

I do not foresee either cooperation or harmony in the Party even if that scenario should happen, ergo, the importance of real conservative activists understanding the voting records of their local Representative and Senators and getting the local voters to agree with ’em. Remember, those politico’s not already corrupted, will still be forced to comply with the corrupt leadership if they are to receive the political favors of power and control that comes with compliance. Those already corrupted will fight to keep it. Bet on it! Non conservative incumbents must be replaced.

What is sorely needed are men and women of sound judgement and moral character who will not ignore the Constitution and submit to the siren call for wealth and power but will do what is best for America and real American’s. We absolutely need representatives and senators who realize that America is broke, that fiat money is like monopoly cash, of no value except to the players, and that a debt of $19 plus trillion dollars represents a fading America, one not drawing experience from its history, but living today off the potential earnings of its enslaved children.

Are we not, in fact, shackling them to slavery, even those not yet born, with our unholy spending practices of today? They will never overcome it. Never, never! And America will irrevocably become a third world country over which other expanding nations will battle. We are now governed by contemptible rubes who think they are better than us, know more than us and can fix the problems they made. How’s that going for us? Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, got get ‘em! (8 March 2016)


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