The Sweet Smell of War in the Air


Opinion by George McClellan:

America is on the brink of world war and we’re not prepared. Indeed, we won’t even acknowledge the peril. Russia and China are on the move and the regimes they sponsor, Iran and North Korea, act with impunity. Both countries, Russia and China, have claimed the territory of their neighbors, and have taken it. There has been no response from Washington. Islamic Jihadists are already conducting military operations in the West, including here in the US, and our response is to wonder why they hate us?

America is not meeting the challenge, indeed, it is our governments (Obama’s) explicit policy that nothing be done to stem the tide of aggression or jihadism anywhere in the world. This political failure to act continues to be bipartisan. The many armed conflicts spreading across the globe now advances the probability that these small wars will spread and engulf the entire world. Brussels is proof of that spreading chaos. The United States is no longer the guarantor of peace in the Middle East or the Baltic states for that matter, and our one ally, Israel, is dismissed by Obama as a pariah state.

Naturally, it’s to our advantage to allow our enemies to kill each other and yet there is deep seated unease because America is not in fact, guiding the outcomes. For example, the small Spratly Islands in the South China Seas, a coral reef actually, claimed by the Philippines, China and Vietnam, is now suddenly Chinese by default. The occupied it, dumped boat loads of dirt there, built an air strip, installed anti-aircraft missiles and dared us (USA) to challenge them. The test for Washington will be do we support international treaties on the freedom of navigation or not offend the Chinese?

After a first administration refusal to make that challenge, we have sent US naval warships into the area, including a Carrier Task Force, to let the Chinese know they are there at our pleasure. I hope it works because the Chinese will react because it’s always been their intention to remove Americas naval hegemony over their Asian domain to be replaced, naturally by China. Something will happen.

Iran just tested four ballistic missiles with technology bought from North Korea. A clear violation. We did we not stop these missile sales. Why? Even with the evidence of massive cyberattacks by China against the America, Obama will not impose sanctions they brought up only a month or so ago. The Chinese will stop only when the costs, for them, is greater than the benefits. The United States must lead our worlds economy to greatness but, with Obama, it will not happen. Our economy is so much stronger than Russia’s or Chinas as both are now in recession, or headed that way.

Among conclusions to be made is that a determined American president can effect changes. Reagan’s only come along once a decade. America has slipped into a malaise such as was experienced after the Vietnam war. Our political leaders have failed us, preferring instead to strip our treasury of tax payers money to benefit their crony friends of the Chamber of Commerce crowd, the lawyers, and lobbyists. Have we now become afraid to challenge the world and our place in it? Under Obama, yes! Russia and China are free to do what they want. The smell of war and disaster is in the air.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (25 Mar 16)

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