The Politics of Justices


Opinion by George McClellan:

Expect Obama to try every stratagem, trick, threat, or hollow promise that allows him to make a signature appointment of another leftist hack to fill the now vacant seat of Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice, recently deceased. Good or bad, for Obama it would be the ultimate act for his legacy. I said, expect Obama to try “every trick, threat or hollow promise” to achieve his ends. I am specifically thinking of the empty suit who is the senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell because, upon McConnell lies the ultimate answer to this non-pressing problem.

McConnell has developed a history of saying one thing and doing the opposite. The senate vote reauthorizing extension of the Import-Export Bank is a case in point. His lies to the Senators, exposed by Ted Cruz, is another. There are others as well! Mitch McConnell is a liar, and cannot be trusted to do the right thing. He must be watched like a coiled snake in the grass.

After Justice Scalia’s untimely death at the Texas Dude Ranch, Obama, who was apparently on a golfing holiday in Palm Springs, Ca., made a few remarks drawing upon the words found in our constitution. He said, appointing a suitable candidate for senate confirmation was “a responsibility he takes seriously…” Really? The duty to faithfully execute the duties of Office of the President of the US, to protect and defend the Constitution of the US are responsibilities he constantly ignores. His legacy will be that his sense of duty leads him to exploit the features of his office that provides him cover for trashing the very document that created his position in the first place.

Hillary Clinton has been awarded the greatest gift of her campaign, a political non-problem that will suck the air out of all campaigns, including hers, to stay out of jail. While nobody pays attention to anything except how the awful GOP is thwarting government, the rule of law, & etc. etc., election time still draws near while she disappears back into the obscurity of her campaign.

I believe we can probably expect the following stratagem to unfold: Obama will delay his choice while the leftist media hypes the Democrats demands to return the Supreme Court to its full nine membership immediately and that Obama should make the selection. His announcement could take up to two months so the maximum damage can be done to the Republican party.

After Obama’s first choice, a volunteer for the destructive sacrifice to follow, with the anguished outcry and demands from the left to get on with it, the GOP will cave in (they always have) and Mitch McConnell will move Obama’s real choice, a Kagen, Sotomayor clone, forward.

McConnell’s collapse will be heralded as true statesmanship by McCain, Graham and the few other GOP moderates in the Senate who feel compelled to “reach across the aisle” to demonstrate true bipartisanship. The cries of ‘traitors, traitors” from the likes of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and possibly Marco Rubio, will be “poo-pooed” by the Democrats as another typical, angry right-wing attempt to crash Obama’s government and bring it to a halt. Oh, woe!

As president, Obama has the constitutional right, not the power or the duty, but the right to appoint candidates to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court. The Senate Majority leader has the right, the power and the duty to let ‘em die, unanswered on his desk until after 20 January 2017. McConnell must proceed with the same determination that Obama will employ to stop any Obama appointment until after Obama is gone, and hopefully forgotten. Will he? I don’t know!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (16 Feb 2016)


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