The Old Tricks Don’t Work Anymore


Opinion by George McClellan:

Even two months after the 2016 General Election that, to the complete shock of nearly everyone, swept away decades of carefully crafted, cunningly supported and voraciously defended Marxist tenants of socialism forced upon the American people, the Left’s visible meltdown continues. The rejected class are still publicly displaying paroxysms of angst, garment rendering fits of outrage, weeping scenes of regret and remorse, and spasms of volatile hatred, simply because Trump won the election they thought was Hillary’s by divine right.

Hopefully, like in the five stages of human emotion in reaction to immediate threats, it will all end in resignation and acceptance. It won’t of course, but we can still hope. It is because the past four decades of encroaching socialism, propaganda driven education, imposed diversity and destructive multiculturalism based on a philosophy of political correctness, has ossified their little mushy brains into, how does ‘Rush’ put it? “mind numbed robots.”

Their candidate was visibly flawed, representing as she did, all that was failing in our culture, our government and our institutions. Striking out in anger, her over confident acolytes have even managed to reintroduced, albeit, inadvertently, an old term they once used to beat down weak, simpering Republicans: “McCarthyism.” It is now theirs, except “BuzzFeed” is the new moniker.

For all younger people who are unaware of the term, it comes from Joe McCarthy, a US Senator of the 1950’s who claimed the US government was infiltrated with Communists and he “held in his hand a list of names he would soon expose.” The fallout was enormous, unsubstantiated and destructive to the political process and did serious damage to the era of “good feelings” that once was in our politics. Decades later, some of McCarthy’s claims were verified. There were indeed communist plants in our government, and still are. And, while McCarthy couldn’t prove it then, time has proven him substantially correct. But the negative term, “McCarthyism,” was set in concrete. That’s why we’re where we are today. In any event, the damage was done.

This week, Senate confirmation hearings for Trumps cabinet choices began and suddenly, “Buzz Feed,” in the best traditions of McCarthyism, became itself the purveyor of destructive lies and false innuendos. It has proved the era of fake news is indeed, alive and well. Unlike the 1950’s though, Americans are now aware of the old techniques from the Democrats playbook of dirty tricks, and instead of becoming outraged and cynical, are becoming aware and amused.

Buzz Feeds supposedly explosive anti-Trump revelations allegedly came from foreign intelligence sources and passed on to the FBI and CIA. Senator John McCain, personally claimed credit for this, “as any good citizen would.” The report, quickly exposed as fake news, is the best and latest example, since McCarthy himself, of how low Trumps enemies will go to ruin his presidency, including from the the “Never Trump” GOP crowd, before it even begins.

These people are determined to maintain the corrupt status quo of their political sinecures, advance their desire to stay in the swamp of graft and corruption and reap the rewards of being career politicians. Such false claims, the sole purpose of which is to destroy by innuendo and lies, a persons reputation and adversely affect his or her ability to function without censure or approbation. It is deplorable and, if I judge “The Donald” correctly, actionable. In this era of “fake news,” BuzzFeed has reached new lows and has ensured its place as simply another Democrat rumor mill, not to be trusted. It is the new McCarthyism vehicle for leftist haters, if it survives.


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, Let’s go get ‘em! (13 Jan 17)

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