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Opinion written by George McClellan:

I’m coming around to a concept that, because it is so near it can’t really be seen except when some significant event should occur that draws specific attention to itself. That significant event is the continuing dismay over Donald Trump’s election. It is the bizarre fact that the new CPUSA, or whatever one wishes to call it, no longer resides within the bosom of the Democrat Party, i.e.: Schumer, Pelosi and company, but in the colossus that is the floundering main street media, the forth estate so to speak, particularly the cable networks. They have rallied from their shock and are pushing the marxist narrative, the Democrat party be damned.

The raging demands of White House reporters, editorial staffs, commentators, essayists and etc., appear to be in unison, dedicated to destroying Donald Trump or neutralizing any appointment he makes, any E.O. he signs and challenging any statement he offers. They don’t wait for Chuckie Schumer or Nancy Pelosi to pontificate on issues, but force them into making absurd comments, then running with their own commentary anyway. Anderson Cooper and Rachael Madcow are but two good examples, not to mention the awful example of disrespect Lester Holt of ABC showed to the President in his one on one interview.

The Comey firing presents the latest example of media dysfunction. The media expect certain reactions to follow predictable outcomes and when they don’t get them, they manufacture ‘em. All agree Comey usurped the authority of Attorney General, Loretta Lynch in his confirmations of Hillary Clinton’s high crimes and misdemeanors then telling the world she lacked intent, and therefore would not be prosecuted, while at the same time sending other classified document offenders off to prison for lesser, but still serious offenses.

American’s, who voted Trump for President, see no justice here. They see that media corruption is as rampant as the establishments and are perplexed that the media does nothing to help the President press his winning promise to drain the swamp, but actually gets in his way by spreading fake news, lies and innuendos, challenging his every decision, remark and action like he’s an uninformed idiot. The media is the new enemy of constitutionalism since the old Democrat party is but a vague shell of itself, a mere shadow on the wall of political events, ineffective, redundant and obsolete. But, not wanting to appear as anything other than a fair “news source,” the media pretends to be concerned with events, while at the same time they drive them or worse, create them. Republicans are clueless on how to respond.

Sundays cable news shows, starting with Chris Wallace on Fox, and Chuck Todd on his channel, and others, want to appear to be objective in their lines of inquiry but whenever they meet the slightest opposition by a ‘guest’ they are interrogating, they push back with a degree of vehemence we’re unaccustomed to seeing. Interviewers should at all costs be phlegmatic but Wallace has even gotten testy when his assumptions are challenged and worse, when they are denied. His body language in his chair is a dead give-away, reinforced by overrunning the guest speaker with one new question after another leaving the question, not the answer to hang as a truth. It all appears to be an attempt at “gorkking” that satisfies only the interviewer who can then assume viewers agree with him. “Sorry, The matter is settled because time has expired.”

I like Reince Priebus as an interviewee. He doesn’t take any crap off Wallace the several times I’ve seen him and indeed, he’s the only one so far, that makes Wallace squirm in his seat for a better launching position, one supposes, for his next stupid question. It’s from the arena of public concern that changes must come.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12May17)

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