The New Democracy


Opinion by George McClellan:

What is the new democracy? We know it when we see it and we see it every day. It’s been around for about four decades and it’s ugly but we’ve gotten used to it.. We’ve been conned over the years to accept that our government is a democracy, not a republic, but Nov. 8th’s election (electoral votes over popular votes) put a brutal end to that misconception.

Subsequently, millions of liberals, mostly concentrated in America’s great population cesspools of liberal think on the east and west coasts, were never taught the truth, and when the truth came out and exploded in their faces, they went into a berserk driven meltdown, a condition from which they have not yet recovered. Included among the snowflakes that visibly comprise the distraught Liberal thinkers are the anarchists, the George Soros “Open Society” adherents (who are really fascists), and other loser social groups (BLM) dependent on the Liberalism of Obama and Hillary for their salvation. Salvation means a reason to exist.

The Democrat party embraces the New Democracy with their whole body and soul, as a religion. They try to sound moderate but occasionally reveal their hidden intents publicly such as the remarkable statement made by the intellectual nimrod from Calif., Sen. Diane Feinstein, when she rendered her opinion on the selection of Associate Supreme Court Justice nominee, Neil Gorsuch. She said that she finds “Gorsuch’s opinion on the Constitution troubling!”

Troubling?  Should we not be troubled by her thinking instead?

New Democracy adherents speak out for majority rule, not Constitutional rule, because without it their concepts, and the power that drives them, would cease to exist. Feinstein, and her ilk, truly believe the majority of Americans would still be happier under Socialism. Well, no, they wouldn’t!  The elections of 2012, 2014 and 2016 proved that.  Go away!

Basic elements of the New Democracy, are political correctness, a perversion of the protections afforded by the1st Amendment, enforced by thought police. Opposition to the 2nd Amendment, the one that allows Americans to defend themselves, a definite negative for the New Democracy thinkers; multiculturalism, a belief that mixed cultures, as opposed to an American one, makes for a happier society where new histories can be written to replace those created and written about by dead old white men that led us, good or bad, to where we are today.

It is also a basic tenant of the New Democracy thinkers to keep society in turmoil, race against race, religion vs. atheism, morality vs. sexual perversion, lies vs. the truth, obstruction vs. cooperation and, always blaming others for misdeeds they commit themselves. For example, Scooter Libby went to prison for something he absolutely didn’t do,’out’ Valerie Plane, an alleged CIA secret agent (she wasn’t). Can we expect to see Susan Rice in the dock soon for outing Lt.Gen. Mike Flynn, a felony by the way? How about Hillary Clinton’s felonies. Where have they gone? Is the machine hoping she will die first before she see’s the inside of a court room as an accused felon and traitor? Or her pedophile, rapist husband, the one with the “ah shucks” smile?  Will Jeff Sessions be talked out of pursuing justice? According to the New Democracy folks, the rules were not made for them, only the little people, the stupid people.

Finally, Chuckie Schumer, the grand poo bah of the New Democracy, is desperate to cling to relevancy as he lies in front of the microphones about any and every issue that does not fit into the plan for Americas future that the New Democracy people insist we would be happier in. I think we voted already. No, no, no, no! So, enough of this crap already. Let’s MAGA.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (03April17)


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