The Deplorable’s vs. The Unspeakable’s


Opinion written by George McClellan:

With an incredible indifference to reality, the Democrat party appears to be in lock-step on its path to self-destruction helped along by their pals in the mediocre media. That’s good actually, and I heartily approve. The various and sundry responses from the leftists, including the mediocre media following the Presidents speech to a joint session of Congress, clearly falls into the pedantic category of “Trump psychosis syndrome.”

The one glaring reality the Democrats still possess, apart from their hypocrisy, is their ability to set the daily agenda to which, like salivating dogs at meal time, the long ‘Pavlov’ conditioned Republicans still react with predictable assurance. They simply can’t say “No.” When the democrats say jump, the usual GOP’s response is “how high.” So, STOP IT, already!!!!

We see this with the Left’s deranged attempts to create any connection between Trump and Russia, including Trumps staff, so they can claim that Trump is unqualified because the Russians got him elected and demand his impeachment or resignation. A storm in a tea cup!

Jeff Sessions is the current object of the Left’s demented Russian obsession and, instead of brushing off the Left’s silly notions with the contempt they so richly deserve, they continue to keep the issue in the news by denials, recusing and apologies.

It saddens me that some Republicans are showing their spinelessness by starting to agree with Schumer, Pelosi and company, that Sessions must be guilty of something because he met a Russian diplomat on an elevator or at a cocktail party or as a member of the Senate Armed Service Committee. Of course Democrats never met with the Russian Ambassador when they were holding the reins. It’s really time to counterattack the Democrat machine and destroy it.

How about a Conservative PAC on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and etc., repeating over and over, Obamas secret, open mic. conversation with Russian President Medvedev telling that worthy to convey to Putin, “to give him time, that he would soon have room to maneuver?” How about launching an inquiry into Loretta Lynch’s secret meeting with Bill Clinton? How about launching a criminal investigation into the illegal Fast & Furious gun transfer debacle, with the expressed intent of putting somebody in jail (Eric Holder). How about bringing Hillary to trial? She’s a common crook citizen now and should enjoy no more rights against criminal charges and prison, then the sailor who took photo’s in his submarine?

How about repeating over and over again, the story of Clinton selling American Uranium to Russia through a Canadian, Clinton Foundation contributor?  Or her lies at Dover AFB to the families of the killed Ambassador and former soldiers, claiming that an awful video maker in LA was responsible for the Benghazi attack. Lies, lies, & lies. Keep them in the public eye.

There is a vast wealth of publicly available videos of Democrat nonsense that, if properly exploited, will keep the Obama OFA machine off balance and back on their heels, spending more money for self-defense than their attacks on Trump.

My God, GOP, go on the attack! Beat the Democrats to death with the big stick you hold. Hell, we won it all, so use it. Stop this bipartisan BullS*** with the democrats. They’re a dead party with no vision, no message and no candidates below age 60. Bury them and be done with it, and let’s get about the business of helping Trump make America Great Again.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (03Mar17)

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