The Coming Great Struggle


Opinion by George McClellan:

Some have complained that the polemics that issue from my little essays leave an aura of communal destruction in them against which they feel they must protect themselves. But still, they are assuaged by the deeper feelings of political understanding that leaves them sweating with anticipation, trembling in fear and uncertain of the future. What will happen next… to them?

Nonsense! I write straight from my experiences, with the hard facts at hand and a singular point of view to be made, the heart be damned. I do not invest time and effort to compete with the drivel that’s to be harvested from romance novels, Harlequin books, space adventures or essays by Gloria Steinem. I write to attack the senses, alert the systems, awaken the subconscious and prepare the inexperienced for the battle that is surely coming.

Our current generations, those who did not volunteer for service or experience the horror of combat by volunteering in war zones, have missed the soul altering understanding that comes with war time sacrifice where nobody is exempt. None of us expect to die in the next minute but, we can, because of Marxist Progressivism, the philosophy that releases criminals from prison to continue to prey on unaware citizens, and floods our streets with jihadists determined to convert or kill us. That philosophy is here now, and we stand innocently by waiting our turn to become its victims. We read about the dangers every day. A society divided (by Obama) against itself, a feckless social policy of government stealing from the earners to award the losers, initiating education programs designed to reduce the cognitive reasoning level of one race to the gutter level of another, are not only merely symptoms of the decay but an expression of intent.

One has only to look at Cuba and Venezuela to see where America could soon be headed. By design, Americans are being denied the truth of history, replaced with a multicultural playing field that is gradually permitting the hegemony of the lesser classes over the most capable ones. The rapid attrition of our older, experienced generations is leaving our younger Americans bereft of their experiences, and the rest, lied to about theirs.

The WWII generation is almost gone. The Korean and Vietnam veterans are not far behind. They are memorialized, written about, eulogized and then forgotten except for once or twice a year, or on other special occasions. What’s lost, and cannot be passed on, is the smells of blood, sweat, tears, the sounds of combat, the fear created with adrenalin pumping through the bodies of men who wish they were somewhere else and yet, did their duty and survived.

Today’s generation unknowingly await their deaths at the hands of society’s predators. The dangers comes from drugs put in their bodies, gun put to their heads or clubs wielded by urban thugs, lost souls with no training, no understanding, no compassion and no future except prison or, more likely, their own probable deaths, also as victims.

The Progressives cannot proceed so long as Americans remain armed. The clear and present dangers are starting to seep in. All that is wanting is the strength and determination to act and break away from the sheep-fold ideas that are engulfing us. We need personal training to handle weapons, an understanding of the laws concerning self-defense and knowing the magic words that must accompany a police interrogation when a potential victim is, happily, left the winner. We are running out of time. Our children who have not yet been lost can still be recovered and trained. A new direction to an old, successful past is where to head. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (25 Feb 2016)




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