The Coming Conflagration


Opinion written by George McClellan

The Coming Conflagration:

What the Democrat party seems to have missed in their schemes to stay relevant is that they have lost their credibility, lost their message and have lost their power in the past three election cycles, a promising trend hopefully expected to continue well into the near future.

Lacking adult leadership or other non demented spokesmen, the Democrats now turn to such aged party shaman’s as Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters and listen while they pontificate on the coming demise of America because Donald Trump stole the election from Hillary with the help of those rascally Russians. The problem is of course that nobody, except the deranged media and themselves, are listening any more. Their best hope for predicting the Democrat Party’s future lies in their little leather bags of chicken bones.

The eviscerated Democrat Party has changed positions with the Ultra-Left media who once carried the Party’s water, mouthing the same identical “talking points,’ making the same unsubstantiated accusations and trying to create impeachable crimes where there isn’t any. Oh, wait! Yes there is, it’s Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi affair, the transfer of Libyan weapons to Jihadists in Syria, the selling of American uranium ore to Russia, her unauthorized private and illegal email server and the millions of “pay for play” funds that poured into the Clinton Foundation coffers from foreign countries seeking political advantage and a shot at controlling American foreign policy. Nobody looks there, only at Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians.

Remember Monica Lewinsky? Prepare for a media bomb shell, asap. She and her twenty-eight years old son by, guess who, are suing the Clinton’s for $40 million for breach of promise. Apparently, the Clinton’s agreed to pay Lewinsky and her/his son a lewd amount of money for too many years to count but, since Hillary fumbled away her legacy to Trump, and the funds to honor the pledge seem to have dried up, well, it’s lawyer up time.. Go here for all the lurid details:

Haven’t seen it reported yet by the liberal media, or Fox news for that matter, but this story can’t stay hidden. Once it breaths air and comes to life, Trump’s problems will be all but forgotten. Naw, no  they won’t. No matter what, the media will circle the wagons around their hero’s and try to kill the story with the same vigor and enthusiasm they are trying to kill Trump’s Presidency. But, “the chickens will come home to roost,” won’t they?

The Left has become deranged and a war, of sorts, is brewing and soon to explode on our streets. It can be stopped! If such institutions of advanced anarchy, like UC Berkley, University of Missouri, and others, are shuttered as a public nuisance’s, and for public safety, the Marxist professors fired and the schools reprogramed to their original goals of providing youths with a liberal education and not propagandizing them with a hate America agenda, all can be saved.

Enough is enough. Bootlick programs like affirmative action are patently unconstitutional and must be eliminated. For fairness, a trait important to Democrats, every applicant for a job of a seat in a college, should apply without regard to the favors of color, ethnicity or status. This is especially true for our institutions of higher education. High schools must reestablish courses in civics, humanities, the arts, science and history. If Americans of African descent want no part of America’s history, then why should other Americans care about their role in it? Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (20May17)

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