The Black Problem With White Society


Opinion by George McClellan:

Generally, we feel safe when we know that we and our neighbors respect and obey the laws. It’s so engrained in fact, that we rarely gave it a second thought. For most of us it used to be that our first and only contact with law enforcement was when we got stopped for a traffic violation. That first encounter, good or bad, firmly sets in our minds our lasting opinion of the police. The police know it and try to meet the confrontation politely to spread the message of compliance to the laws, even with the little ones like traffic laws.

Today, all that has been swept away. It is now almost expected that a push-back should occur. The officer is now screamed at, personally maligned and even assaulted. Whites don’t do this. Blacks are doing it more and more feeling enfranchised to resist “racism” as they call it, because two US Attorney Generals, have made it okay. Police push-back is met with violent resistance often ending in gunfire, the losers being the black thugs who thought they had an obligation to their community to resist “whitey,” even if “whitey’ is a black officer. Let the rioting begin.

Businesses in black occupied urban areas are robbed, looted and burned, cars are smashed and rioters openly assault the police considering them enemies of the people. The local media quickly descends on the scenes of carnage to fan the flames of racial discord. The national media picks up the thread to spin it into their anti-American narrative to protect and preserve failed liberal policies, all a part of a long planned assault on America’s freedoms.

Stories of urban collapse are coming to us at rapidly increasing intervals. Rioting, on the slightest pretext, is characteristic of a people who have lost faith in their democratic government. They arise on any provocation and the police get the blame, being the visible face of that government. Assaults on the police are excused now as the norm, a response to racism.

In Milwaukee recently, black mobs believed that another innocent black man had been shot in the back by a local policeman. Video’s shows that he wasn’t an innocent black man, but was actually raising a pistol toward a black policeman. The story died right there and so did the rioting.

The imposed dream of a multicultural society isn’t working. The purposeful hunting down and beatings of whites on the streets, the rabid, screaming calling for more attacks on whites has now become part of the recorded history of a nations collapse. Naturally, the media scrubs out what doesn’t support the multicultural narrative that Liberalism demands.

The MSM denies we are experiencing a racial insurgency claiming that out of control law enforcement is the problem as evidenced by the disproportionate arrests of blacks for crimes and the daily indiscriminate shootings of blacks by police. Blacks are unmistakably gripped by a powerful racial hatred of white people. This is no accident. It has long been preplanned.

In Milwaukee until the truth came out, the screaming black mobs immediately attacked whites. A black woman screamed that blacks should burn the suburbs of whites. This was on the video first put out but CNN quickly cut that part out. If you don’t admit that you have cancer, will it go away?…Naw!  We are now entering the final stages of Saul Alinsky plan, implemented by Obama using the Cloward-Piven scheme to bring America to heel. We had better get ready.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (31 August 2016)

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