Short Takes – When The Unexpected Happens, Y’gotta Be Fast on Your Feet


The former director of the FBI, James Comey, has gone off the rails in his dementia over his firing. In doing so he reveals latent truths about two previous administrations that raise questions about their legitimacy as true American institutions. The Clinton and Obama administrations were led by acolytes of Sal Alinsky, the father of “Community Organizing” and author of Rules for Radicals or, how to destroy America in thirteen easy steps.

Comey’s book tour has raised dissent among American FBI agents, former and active, who do not want their work history and reputations soiled because the FBI was/are/or could be perceived as a political arm of an administration, a Gestapo or Stazi, so to speak.

To everyone’s shock, especially Comey’s, it was the wrong administration who took over after Obama. What to do? Well, first, y’gotta be quick! Comey was instrumental in Hillary Clinton’s loss whether intended or not, and by his clumsy actions alone he has been left dangling in the wind as an inept leader of the FBI that was thought to be the first line of defense against fascism, not its secret protector. Alinsky: cause people to lose faith in their institutions. Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. Well, infiltrating the FBI could work!

The political disasters Comey engineered for Hillary, first, by refusing to take her case to a Grand Jury, second by exonerating her personally from prosecution, a job Loretta Lynch should have done, and finally reopening the investigation just before the election, was clumsiness of the first order. In the eyes of a suspicious public, Comey was protecting criminals in the DoJ, the  the FBI and the Progressive administrations of Obama and Clinton. People became suspicious of his motives and he was fired for it, not by Trump but by the new Attorney General upon the recommendation of the Deputy Director of the FBI and the Deputy Assistant Attorney General. Those last two weren’t very quick on their feet either but, they threw Comey under the bus.

Comey was never an FBI Agent. He cannot therefore expect the respect of the field agent corps. That’s now lost. He was and has always been a lawyer in the US Attorneys office as far back as Arkansas when the Feds were investigating Whitewater, Rose Law Firm and Hillary Clinton. I would guess he was suborned as long ago as then. He’s been associated with the Clinton’s one way or the other ever since, even promoted to the leadership role of the FBI. Where better to have a Trojan Horse to protect your flanks than at the very head of the FBI?  

It must be questioned that during Bill Clinton’s presidency, the always scheming,“we are the Presidency”  Hillary Clinton, arranged for promotions within the DoJ and the FBI, by people willing to be corrupted. The aim, to insulate her activities against criminal accusations, probes, inquiries, public suspicions, and Grand Jury’s.

Clinton’s past record, while not exactly an open book, is so fraught with dead people, conflicting stories, dark questions and suspicions of outright criminality, it raises certain questions about the effectiveness of the FBI to fulfill its role of protecting America and Americans from…..(and here, you can enter your own villains, so many of them that are ignored.)

These questions have been raised by conservatives and poo pooped, or denied by the officials who, by even the most casual inquiry, should provided answers that satisfy the public, not treat them as uncouth deplorable’s who wouldn’t understand the answer anyway. Trumps presidency, as crude as it may appear, is exactly the right one at the right time and it cannot be allowed to fail. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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