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Then, Along Came Trump….

The Democrats relentless attacks, on America in particular, conservatives in general and Republicans especially, is a symptom of an illness like a type of flesh eating disease devouring America from the inside out. Americans are not socialists so our children had to be educated in socialism, in our schools, through constant repetition, propaganda and coercion to accept their status among the herd animals as slaves to the Socialist State. Then, along came Trump.

Trump, a completely non-political candidate, a street fighter with a super savvy business acumen and street smarts, vanquished all sixteen of the GOP’s establishment compassionate conservatives arrayed against him, then defeated the Democrats anointed one, the already deemed “Queen” who would be the first female US President in history because the election they thought, was properly fixed in her favor. Shockingly, along came Trump.

Trump, whose non-Presidential antics absolutely irritates just about everybody except his loyal base voters who don’t really care, and whose sole desire is to keep his campaign promises to Make America Great Again, defend his administration from the constant attacks challenging his competency, his intelligence, his life style, his wealth, his influence and his determination to drain the swamp, is in fact, doing exactly what he was hired to do.

Even in their ‘rapture,’ the Democrats wield a powerful weapon in the compliant fourth estate, the Mean Stream Media whose daily product is either acts of commission by telling out right lies, acts of omission by not telling the full story, leaving out important details, or pure propaganda to support the Marxist/ socialist goal of neutralizing America. Then, along came Trump.

There can be no one world government if America is not in it or is not neutralized completely.  

Regardless of the screaming losers and the “Never Trump” haters, the new president immediately set his task to Make America Great again. His first failure was lack of support from the Republicans in Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare like they promised. So, he did it anyway in his tax bill by eliminating the Obamacare “mandate” that everybody had to pay for it, like a tax. Trumps tax cuts and tax reform have turned out to be far greater than anyone ever anticipated with the US economy going wild. Anticipating the failure to fund the government, Trump said: “I’m sure the Democrats would like to blunt that (tax reform success), by shutting down government.”

Over 160 US companies thus far have announced either bonuses or raises for their two millions of employees,.The “raises” are now called the “Trump bonus.” The Socialist geared Democrats simply cannot argue against Trumps economic success except to obstruct its implementation like Schumer’s Shutdown is trying to do obfuscate its appeal and deny its effectiveness.

Trump reversed Obama’s 2012 executive action shielding illegals from deportation and issuing work permits for illegal immigrants brought to the United States as minors. Trump extended until March Congress’s time to figure out a legislative solution to DACA and its expensive CHIP rider. Now, in their best fear mongering attacks, Democrats demand amnesty for the so-called “Dreamers” in exchange for Democrat votes for a continuing resolution and extension of the CHIP program. This is the hill “Chuckie” Schumer and “Dickie” Durban have chosen to die on. Lets’ hope they do. We desperately need to Make America Great Again.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (20Jan18)


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