Short Takes – The Dangers of Islam. Are they Real?


We still haven’t agreed about the dangers of Islam to western democracy even after they’ve told us what their goal is. Why is that? Through propaganda and fake news, liberals launch politically correct attacks against dissenters and we recoil in terror fearful of being called racist and Islamophobic while the real racists and Islamics set about gleefully infiltrating our nation.


Western liberals have thrown away western values using every political tool at their disposal including forcing us to embrace the odious idea that Islam is a “religion of peace.” Nonsense! It is the religion of blood and has centuries of evidence behind it to prove it.


Conservative views are individualist views. Liberal views are founded in group-rights, supported by an eternal class of group victims now including muslims. They preach that the individual evades his responsibilities to the whole, by dumping them onto others (victims). Everybody, under Liberalism and Islam as well, must belong to a group. It’s easier for them to control a group. Individualism, independence and self-reliance is to be shunned and abhorred.  


Conservatives didn’t really see this coming but through the Democrats we were slowly fed the “Big Con,” possibly more responsible for the leftward drift of America than we imagined. From this drift away from Americanism, the seeds of radicalism were nurtured and today, anarchist groups like Black Lives Matter, Anti-fa and every muslim organization, have been allow to fester and grow and instead of being laughed at as a joke or a danger to be dealt with, we capitulated to the lefts idealism demands and pay them homage as “victim groups.”


What the Left realizes and we don’t, is despite conservatives claims of personal individualism and self-reliance we still want to be part of a group, the largest one being the Christian churches. And now, because of political correctness we see the corrupting effects of realigned leadership of the Catholics, Episcopalians and even the Presbyterians, denying the word of Christ, seeking instead co-religious accommodation with the evils of Islam. Have they lost faith or do they expect the coming of bloody Islam to be as vicious and demanding as it has been everywhere else in their history, and they might escape it? I don’t think so! 


Politicians who trade in power are hypocrites and traitors. In reality, Democracy, is slavery because it presumes you and I must give up our right to control our own lives to other people. We see it frequently applied here with such devices as seizures under imminent domain, confiscation of wealth by police conducting, often illegally, searches of one’s cars, homes and premises. That’s when we must ask ourselves why anyone else should have any rights to control any of our property? Why should we be responsible to them? Who gives them that right?


We may soon be seeing the start of a dangerous outbreak of common sense and patriotism under Trump. The Liberals, after Him, will have to figure out how to undo the damage he has done and immunize the population against any further expression of individuality. One people, one country, one leader, i.e.: fascism. Islam is fascism too!


Islam is here. It was brought here in droves by Obama. Once here, they become “victims.” That is the key to their success.They expect, eventually, to turn America into an Islamic Caliphate, not quickly by the sword but slowly, quietly, out producing us in the production of children until we are overrun. Many of the new citizens born here will be the products of Islamic rape gangs of non muslim women. Who will prevail, Islam or the New World Order?    Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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