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Going Hot!

The recent Progressive incident, in Fairfax Co. Md. involving that County’s Chief of Police suspending an officer for turning over an illegal alien invader to ICE, then reinstating the officer the next day when the SHTF, without benefit of an apology, reveals not only the deep divisions within our communities, but heralds a coming problem that must be seriously considered before it actually happens: It’s what will the standard police officer do when “ordered” to support  unconstitutional edicts against the citizens of the city he/she has sworn to protect and serve by disobeying the Constitution? Will they turn in their badges and walk away, or clad themselves in armor and go rogue? It’s a very serious possibility we could face when the silent Civil War now underway in our political systems, goes hot!


The Socialist idealists that have rotted away the Democrat Party in order to have the power to make America Socialist too, having already corrupted America’s education system, attacked America’s moral codes by challenging our Judeo-Christian beginnings, allowing the perverted crowd of sexual deviants to infest girls sports, school bathrooms and drag our morals through kangaroo courts for the satisfaction of their public image, is evidence enough we have a problem.They have now turned their attention to subverting state, and local governments to become democratic enclaves to instill socialism at the basic levels of our governments.


We see the problem manifest in the sanctuary cities springing up around the nation; Police departments being ordered not to cooperate with federal ICE authorities; popular resistance to deportations and jails releasing criminals back out onto the streets of our cities. It suggests that our state, county and local law enforcement authorities may no longer be trusted to “Protect and Serve” us, under penalty of firing or worse. Look what Progressives have done to the FBI!


I have opined previously that any elected mayor of a city, chairman of a county board of Supervisors or governor of a state, who wears the Democrat banner and encourages civil disobedience against common sense federal immigration laws, is in fact a “Commissar” of the old Bolshevik-Soviet model, there not to protect the citizens but to organized them, by force if necessary, into obeying committees of Socialist thought, like we see happening in Portland, Oregon, where “Antifa’s” roam the streets like Hitlers Stormtroopers did in the early 1930’s, beating up people for not obeying the thugs commands.


City Chief’s of Police, (appointed) who kowtow to the unlawful orders of Democrat mayor’s, cannot be viewed in the lens of common sense as Law Enforcement protectors of civilized society, but rather as a political commissars, there to enforce their master’s edict’s. To Constitutionally oriented American’s, the rogue Commissar abandons the protections of law and, when ordering the police department he/she superintends, to seize defense weapons, conduct night time raids of citizens households and steal private property under the pretext of law to sell at auction, forfeits their legal protections as well. It’s “game on.” This of course is when the silent civil war goes hot. We must be prepared for it. It’s coming!  The obvious response for such open community criminality is for citizens to remain armed, trained and ready to ‘Go Hot’ when the need arrives. We have the Bundy Ranch experience, against rogue Federal Agents as an example of a successful resistance against tyranny.


Today we see the thrashing of demented democrats, Pelosi, Nadler, Waters, Schiff, and others, unable to pierce the armor of Donald Trump, going rogue themselves. They insist on living a life remarkable to nobody but themselves.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (04Oct19)

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