Repairing While in Flight


Written by George McClellan

Imagine you’re repairing an airplane in flight. If you lose focus on keeping it flying then voiding the
warranty by using other than genuine factory authorized parts won’t make any difference when they pick
up the pieces after the crash.

Imagine it’s the President who is doing the in-flight repairs and along comes a Democrat from the peanut
gallery demanding her three course meal, coffee and desert before the flight ends. That about explains
how the two plus trillion dollar repair bill is being highjacked by demands from the passenger section. If
the plane does crash, the”Looters” will be there before the emergency response people to scour the
wreckage for anything useful they can find for their own purposes.

This China Virus relief bill business has revealed one politician who qualifies for a mention in Profiles in
Courage. He’s Thomas Massie (I-Ky), the only one of that lot to say the Congress should take a minute to
re-consider their voice vote because its basically unconstitutional. Whoa! That was brave to fly in the face
of the House Speaker. He ignited a fire. Pelosi slammed him for wanting to slow the passage of that Pork
filled $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill while others screamed he be “kicked out” of the Republican Party.

Is this an example of the Pot calling the Kettle black? Wasn’t it Pelosi in fact, who first stepped in to slow
the passage of the bill by demanding her hot meal, coffee and desert for everyone?

Massie is an Independent and could probably care less what the GOP, or Pelosi thought. He stood his
ground by simply revealing a roll call vote was required. Hiding behind the China Virus, Congresspersons,
if they chose, could stay at home and submit a voice vote thereby dodging personal responsibility at reelection time. It was Massie’s intention to point out that both Pelosi and House minority leader McCarthy
were working together to block a recorded vote just to insulate members of Congress from accountability.

In repairing the airplane in flight, think of Massie as the one selling genuine factory authorized parts.
Not unexpectedly, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, joined the fray by agreeing with Nancy Pelosi that Rep.
Massie, was a “dangerous nuisance”for insisting on a roll-call vote before the House passed the relief
bill. Massie tweeted against Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, saying they were
attempting to "insulate" lawmakers from”accountability” on fiscal conservatism. In the same interview with
Maddow, Pelosi announced her intention to raid the treasury again in terms of doing more for American
workers. “When they talk about this as $2 trillion and all that it does for America’s workers and families,
it’s the least we could do. And we have much more to do.” Bull S___!

Democrats don’t want the airplane repaired. Pelosi’s vision is to be able to loot the treasury even more.
“We know that this cannot be our final bill,” she said,”The $2 trillion bill package signed Friday has many
glaring omissions that must be rectified, including expanding which workers qualify for unpaid, job-
protected leave, free health care services for coronavirus patients and more funding for hospitals and
health centers.” Here come Medicare for all, aka: Obamacare lite.

Pelosi is already see’s the future Congress as entirely Democrat and Trump, reduced to a morbid episode
to be rewritten as a dark era of American history. If they succeed, Americas race to Socialism, after
Trump, will run apace unless voters throw the bums out when the plane finally lands.

When Trump finally signed the China-Virus Relief Bill, he stuck another pin in his Pelosi voodoo doll by
not inviting her to gloat at the signing. She must be seething with rage and humiliation because she
couldn’t be present at the signing to take credit for helping the”American Worker.”

At the moment, the airplane is still in the air but, we have no parts (money) only paper that pretends its
money! Many Leftist Governors are turning dictatorial in their zeal to use the China-virus as an excuse to
ignore the Constitution and, Pelosi’s raid of the treasury is expected to help them continue their
constitutional assault. Mr. Don Cole, Republican candidate for Ga. House Dist. 2, inspired this essay.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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