Reformation or Revolution?


Opinion by George McClellan:

The media is trying to ‘reeducate’ us, especially those that support the elite Republican old guard who think they have found an excuse to dump Trump. It may be a blessing in disguise because, Trump unshackled, “returns to his roots, attacking Republicans.” Oh, the horror of it!.

Wikileaks dumps have shredded any possibility of the media claiming objectivity scheming with Clinton as they are against Republicans, evangelicals, and now, Catholics.

Before the second presidential debate, the revelation of macho comments made by Trump a decade ago,and the (gasp) median and democrats reaction to it, is all designed to drive conservative voters away from that awful Donald Trump hopefully into the comforting arms of honest Hillary Clinton, hopefully, soon to be America’s first mother president.

The leaked video tape was made by an NBC employee, a former Trump associate with the Miss Universe show, named Bob Bailey. It was to be revealed at the debate but, nature intervened in the form of Hurricane Matthew and caused an early release that exposed NBC executives as cruel, anti-Trump coconspirators in effecting its release. Corporate screams of anguished denial ensued followed by Bailey’s alleged firing. They didn’t say it was Bailey’s fault, just that they were blaming him.

The larger issue here is that the democrats long ago stripped morality from America’s social fabric making everything deviant acceptable. To do that of course, it was necessary, according Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, to demean religion, especially the Christian variety that values morality as a necessary tennant of happy living, and corrupt the media.

The rise of pornography, Gay marriages, pushing LGBT issues into peoples faces, the persecutions of businesses that resist, on moral grounds, the imposition of deviancy on their lives, has made the whole issue of Trumps comments as irrelevant silly nonsense. Now comes, via the New York Times, women alleging that Trump inappropriately touched or kissed them thirty years ago. The Democrats are now in full panic mode trying to put out the many fires they have started while starting even more.

Trump, didn’t wait for the enemy to take a second shot, a trait totally unknown to other Republicans, but pointed out the offenses of Hillary Clinton’s husbands sexual depredations against women, by sitting four of his victims front row center at the last debate. Awkward for proud Bill, but because of a corrupted media however, another Saul Alinsky rule by the way, Hillary goes scot free avoiding any tawdry association with the likes of those awful Republicans, their decadence and their champion.

It is this very propagandized thought process that has infected Republican lawmakers over the decades that now cause them to flee in panic from their Republican nominee and join the course of approbation against Donald Trump for alleged offenses the Progressives have made acceptable. If these moralistic Republicans were to look over their shoulders, they would not see their followers there. If they believe they can achieve the moral high ground, they will find themselves the quicksand of irrelevance and lost opportunities… to save America!

There is a change coming to American politics. The pot of corruption is boiling over and the fires can’t be stomped out. Will it be a Reformation, as Martin Luther ignited against a corrupt church and John Knox exported to Scotland, or will it be a Revolution as Robespierre fashioned for France? In any event, both those historical incidents, and others, were long and bloody. Right now, America is full of potential victims. It’s always the peasant class that takes the first hits. Then, it’s the politicians. Beware!

Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em. (13 Oct 2016)

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