Pettiness on Parade


Opinion by George McClellan:

I mentioned previously that there was a ‘pandemic of stupidity going on.’ Nothing has occurred to change that assessment. Indeed Obama, the grand vizir of pettiness, has added to the luster of his incompetence by his last minute dumping on Israel by directing the US Ambassador to the UN to abstain from vetoing the security council vote that condemn Israel’s settlements, on its own land, as a violation of International Law.

Obama has again shown us the depth of the pettiness that lurks deep in his soul. He has less than one month to complete his destruction of everything America has stood for. Like a child knocking down his blocks because his mother called him in for his nap, Obama is knocking down every vestige of America’s culture of decency, honor and trustworthiness.

Obama truly believes he is righteously humiliating America in the worlds eyes, when it is clear he leads where not many other Americans are willing to follow. The bipartisan congressional condemnation of Obama’s anti-Israeli act, probably not his final one, falls on his administrations ears like water off a ducks back (old cliches work best, don’t they?).

Other terms come to mind to describe Obama’s dying gasps in power. Cowardly and disgraceful immediately suggest themselves as does foolish, stupid, prejudiced, anti-semitic, feckless and reckless. The term “shameful,” like the rest, will probably not apply because this deluded character, who is Americas chief executive, possesses none of those true American characteristics. Shame is not in his vocabulary, indeed, not in the Liberal play book at all except as a tactic to use against their opponents.

Mitch McConnell called Obama’s decision to proceed against Israel as “a failure of leadership and judgement.” I respectfully disagree with the esteemed majority leader because it was no failure. it was a deliberate act of foreign policy sabotage. It is repairable by the new incoming President, Donald Trump who said: “things will be different after Jan. 20th.”

What Obama hadn’t calculated on, or perhaps he did, is how the political fallout will adversely affect the United Nations and America’s role in it. I have long believed that the UN had been quietly suborned by the enemies of democracy and that western countries were fighting a loosing battle to support what the UN was originally created for, discussions among countries.

I now feel free to suggest that not only should America pull completely out of the UN, but encourage other democratic powers, like Great Britain and its commonwealth countries, plus Japan, Israel, So. Korea and India, and anyone else so inclined, to withdraw with us and form a separate, total and completely democratic union of western nations.

The European Unions love affair with Islam is causing another issue as stupid and petty as is the actions that Obama believes is necessary to humiliate America, by the forcible introduction of Islamic creatures into America. It is going to result in conflict. Obama wants it, but it won’t be on his watch. It ranks as the height of madness and the extreme of pettiness.

What has Obama’s pettiness brought us? Well, Donald Trump for one, the near destructive of  the Democrat Party, loss of multiple state houses and governorships, loss of his voters and, unquestionably, loss of his legacy. He is in a raft, adrift on an angry sea of disillusioned Americans. His legacy in tatters, his reputation for pettiness, assured. He is a loser!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.  (26 Dec 2016)

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