Our Communication Problems


Opinion by George McClellan:

Our propagandizing lying media fills our airways, Internet and news journals with photos of crowds of demented, but youthful, protesters demanding that Muslims be allowed entry into the US wholesale because, apparently, we love them and we need them and Islam is really a religion of peace. Being Never-Trump is their excuse to hit the streets on Presidents Day.

These mostly young people, supposedly still students because we can see they have the time to protest but don’t hold a job, are the voluntary front line troops of Obama’s “shadow government,” guided mainly by impulse emotions like compassion. That’s the big con. The photos we see show mostly white faces of kids who have been made to feel guilty for being white, egged on by Black Lives Matter faces, ready to draw blood if necessary.

They are anti-trump only because they don’t know any better. Our schools long ago were infiltrated by the philosophy of Karl Marx, their final grand achievement to have been the 2016 election of Hillary Clinton. Hillary, and the Marxist left, lost probably their most important election ever and an alarmed America is catching on to the dangers.

The press is decidedly anti-Trump because he is a creature not of their making and they can’t control him or his message. All reports from the left is now disorganized, hysterical lies. For example, why is it that everything President Trump does is interpreted as being against the Intelligence Agencies? They give Trump no respect for what he has accomplished in a month and fail to even mention the still unimaginable mess he inherited from Obama’s whose spies are still working in place in many agencies, some thoroughly infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, who won’t be easily displaced with cries of racism and Islamophobia ringing in the air..

The media’s clear and obvious disdain for the President and their unequivocal loyalty to Obama is no longer confusing. Implicit in that is the fact that the MSM has actually become unAmerican and are all in for Socialism and the New World Order. They are involving themselves, not as a disinterested but fair press, but as important actors in the play. They’ve chosen sides.

They fail to give Americans credit for realizing what’s really going on, but, we do. We know what they are doing and we know why they are doing it. Obama’s treasonous acts (billions to Iran), as well as Hillary’s RICO ridden Foundation that stole billions from Haiti’s relief effort, also garnered additional millions in “pay to play” donations from countries willing to pay for it, and yet the press hoots about Trumps comments about Sweden’s Islamic problems and supposed disorder in his administration. Our communications problems are enshrouded in propaganda, lies and deceit.

We see the medias misdirection and propagandizing and increasingly view it as exactly that. Americans are aware that the alleged Russia hacking is just a smoke screen no matter what the fake Republicans, McCain and Graham, want us to believe. How can two setting Senators,  recipients of George Soros donations, be taken seriously?

And finally, who can explain how releasing Lt. General Flynn from his position as National Security Advisor on a lack of trust issue, comports to retaining the questionable FBI Director, James Comey, because he can be trusted? Just asking! Also, The new choice for Natl. Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. McMasters is an Obama General. His public views on Islam as a religion of peace are on video and comport to Obama’s demands. Worse, John McCain recommends him. That can’t be good. Has he changed? We’ll see soon enough.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (21Feb17)

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