Orlando, FL, An Attack on Society


Opinion by George McClellan:

The jihadist attack in Orlando, Fl. was unspeakable for the breath of its devastation, but not senseless. Unspeakable because Americans just don’t do that sort of thing anymore but, not senseless because it was an act required by the Koran of all true believers. The attacker was indeed a true believer, a muslim jihadists. When and where such an independent attack occurs is not necessarily prescribed, it’s when any lone avenger of insults to Allah wants to do it. These people are not radicalized, they simply follow the Koran, where It is written!

The reaction of the American media to the fact the attack was specifically directed against homosexuals reveals that Jews are no longer God’s favored people, according to Liberals, homosexuals are! The role of Christians in our secular society no longer matters except as scapegoats to achieve moral equivalency with Islamic depredations. It is also important, for our own individual survival, to know the gay club was a “gun free zone!”

I read that the FBI “never guessed” a gay club would be a target of a Jihadist attack. Well, why not? It’s what they do. It’s demanded in the Qur’an. In their own Islamic countries homosexuals, if not burned to death, stoned or hanged are often precipitated from roof tops. Ouch!

How could a single Jihadist’s attack on a gay bar in a ‘gun free zone’ possibly come as a surprise to the FBI, especially after this wanna be Martyr, Omar Mateen, was twice investigated by the Bureau for radical statements and for making a pilgrimage to Mecca? Profiling perhaps?

The Liberal media, now in shock disbelief because a Muslim attacked one of the their favored class’s, has already started the propaganda argument of Moral Equivalency between the depredations of Islamic Jihadist, and the daily doses of Islamaphobic American Christians we see bullying and murdering muslims right here in the US.

But, as I scan the long list of deadly attacks on Americas city streets by adherents of any religious philosophy, I find one possible association by a white-male, possibly Christian, murdering, not muslim worshippers, but black Christian ones, in a church in Charleston, SC. But alas, he was a Democrat. So far, every armed attack in America by a person other than a professed muslim jihadist, was a registered Democrat, or his parents were registered Democrats, or they were mentally challenged. All of them!

For the uninformed the following short list of non muslim attacks may help: Columbine HS: both shooters were too young to vote but families of both were progressive liberals and registered Democrats. The Virginia Tech, shooter wrote hate mail to President Bush and was a registered Democrat. The Colorado theater shooter was a registered Democrat and a volunteer worker on Obama’s campaign. He was also an ”Occupy Wall Street participant and a progressive liberal. The school shooter in Connecticut, a lovely boy, hated Christians and was a registered Democrat. He murdered him mum as well. One wonders where liberals learn these skills?

Even earlier, the college professor who called himself the Unabomber, after being inspired by Al Gore’s book Earth in the Balance, was a registered Democrat as was Timothy McVey who so cleverly brought down the Oklahoma Federal building several years ago.

Clearly there are two classes of violent attackers here: Islamic Jihadist and Liberal Democrats. Perhaps Progressive Liberal Democrats should be registered and banned from gun ownership. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em! (6/13/ 16)

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