Only in America


Opinion by George McClellan:
Progressive politicians and Republican ‘Elites’ who have freed themselves from the demands of logic and compensate by distorting facts to support theories, have set America on a crash course to oblivion. Should that unhappy event actually occur it will be a thousand years of turmoil before any other such experiment in self-governing, independence and personal freedom will ever come again. For the moment, it is recoverable if concerned Americans act. It will be painful and it will take time but it must happen because time is running out.

In no other country in the history of mankind has its citizens, living under a despot, asserted a combined determined effort to be free of oppression, relieved of taxation without representation, demand equality under the law and demand protection of its citizen’s freedom of religion, to create a country that, by its God given laws and an immutable Constitution made that country exceptional and the envy of the world. Given our country’s darker times of slavery and civil war, America has emerged to become that “shining city on the hill” Ronald Reagan told us about.

Time passes and under a constant barrage of progressive propaganda and implementation of feel good theories of “I’m okay, your okay,” we dropped our defenses, ignored our experiences, disregarded the lessons taught by our history, and we listened to the devil. We have politicians that think they can govern free men better then free men can govern themselves. America’s political leadership, Ivy league intellectuals who never held a job, never earned a working salary, never met a payroll, or paid taxes on their own efforts, would tell the rest of us how to be happy, so long as we shut up, keep up, pay up and do as they tell us.

A Trump presidency, or a Cruz one even will, hopefully provide the shock and awe to start the recover of our nation and return it to its once proud eminence. We have many problems for which no one takes personal responsibility. The problems are always someone else’s fault. It’s was Bush’s fault, it’s the wicked Republicans, it’s this and that but never the fault of the politicians own failed policies. Remember, all of this is driven by money. Politics gives the slick speaker, the thief and the scam artists the perfect vehicle to engage in the organized looting of a country’s treasury under the cover of authority. The power to tax is the power to destroy.

Big companies, in league with big government, heck, they made government big, demand cheap labor, even if it means moving manufacturing facilities abroad for that cheap labor (some of it slave), while ignoring that our own citizens lose their jobs, their homes, and freedoms to face increasingly hostile ideologies of social reforms that they claim are better for us.

I understand how capitalism works but, if it weren’t for unions squeezing every cent they could out of manufactures, perhaps the companies wouldn’t have had to move abroad. But there has to be a limit beyond which even the most money starved corporation will not up root and go. Minimum wage, the stupidest idea to come down the pike, is not the answer. It is simply another manifestation of a feel good, job killing theory, a progressive salve, to sooth the feelings of the unskilled herd workers, to keep them content to their existence in unearned pleasures, to desire what other people earn for them, and to disrespect anyone who complains.

By the time you read this, we’ll know if there is still a Republican party. If it survives, it will not be recognizable as it once was. Any Republican politician who defects because of a Trump or Cruz victory is simply telling us by their action that they were on the take, could not be trusted and could be accused of corruption. Only in America! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (01 Mar 2016)





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