No Accountability For Dishonesty


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Many feel that government is incapable of doing anything honestly and will, by habit, consistently operate in a corrupt manner that alway’s ends up screwing the tax payers. The formula is so entrenched that any GOP reformer will wilt in the face of stiff opposition to any attempts at correction. It must have something to do with all the very rich lawyers up there.

There is little hope of ever correcting the constant stream of injustices tax payers suffer at the hands of politicians who are beholden to Unions, Wall Street bankers, sanctified non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and liberal do gooders groups who are all permitted to wallow in the trough of tax payer largess through grants, quantitive easing schemes and awarded contracts. This corruption, hidden behind the gossamer curtain of doing good deeds, causes untold destruction to the free enterprise system and does so without accountability.

Consider the sad case of former first lady and Democrat presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton, once a lawyer, whose active time in the trenches of government service left a trail of bribes, deaths, destruction, misery and despair. Yet, she’s still abides among us, unfazed and untouched wanting to do even more good deeds “for the American people.” She denies any accountability for her crimes because she is protected by the corrupted media and, to do so would ensure her a bed in a prison cell. Why is she even here now? One can only hope!

This moral malaise of political corruption has also infected our judicial system, one of appointing cronies as jurists who adjudicate according to the political philosophy of the individual(s) who appointed them. Appointed Jurists bask in their sinecures for life; elected Jurists do not. The justice system, once considered trustworthy, is now often proven to be a flawed system where corruption becomes apparent and citizens are exposed to the whims of local despots, federal, state and local, who operate as rouges under the color of their authority. We see that it has even extended to the Supreme Court where no accountability is ever expected or required.

Laws are made by politicians often with no reference to the people who will be adversely affected. It has become fashionable for lawyers, presumably knowledgable in the legal systems, to believe, and convince voters to believe, that only a lawyer is really capable of being an elected politician. So, character and common sense are trumped by law degrees.

If lawyers in the judicial systems were actually salaried employees of government, then perhaps incentives to game the system for profit would disappear. A lawyer would be told, “you prosecute this case” and “defend that one.” I realized this idea stands counter to my firm belief in the free-enterprise system but, corruption and injustice calls for sterner measures. I also realize a salaried lawyer, without fear of losing his/her position, can also become a lazy lawyer allowing injustice to prevail often without accountability. The whole system really needs some serious cleaning but, unhappily, there are enough folks involved in the system who are dishonest and corrupt as to consider changes to the system as unnecessary.

Overall, the government and Judicial systems are flawed and to believe that any corrections will come from within is naïve. This applies to the politicians who rely on Wall Street companies with huge lobbing firms working for more schemes to rip off the tax payers, not reduce them.

That’s probably why America is nearly $20 Trillion in debt. Corruption, in the hands of dishonest corrupted, immoral people, is devastating to our society and gives Obama and Hillary the very reason to continue their attack on our once great nation. When do we demand an accountability? The political sands are shifting. I think we’ll see it, but it could be awful.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em. (30 Jan 2016)


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