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Opinion by Jennifer Bassett:

CNN and other mainstream media along with Hillary and her supporters have been damning Donald Trump for taking one hour to do a ribbon cutting at his new hotel in Washington DC. When he just yesterday did EIGHT campaign stops and was in two states along with the ribbon cutting in Washington DC.  All the while Hillary did one appearance and then spent all evening at an Adele concert….really….how strenuous… Actually at his ribbon cutting he didn’t speak much or long about his hotel which, by the way, came in before the projection date and way under budget.  I am sure he will run our great country with the same efficiency.  Instead of talking about the hotel, he gave a beautifully executed speech on his plans for our country.  It was one of the best soft spoken talks he has done.  His speech was very presidential and covered many key issues.  I watched Hillary’s ONE appearance speech. She was loud, used the same old rehearsed lines, and talked very condescending to us voters.  In my opinion, if she is trying to gain votes she needs to memorize new lines and not talk down to voters like we are underlings who need to give our vote to the ‘great and powerful Oz’…. In my opinion we are way off the yellow brick road and have been trapped for the last eight years in the haunted forest or sound asleep in the poppy field. We don’t need more years off the golden path to prosperity.

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