Kerry Admits Obama is Funding Iran’s Terrorism 


Opinion by George McClellan:

What Kerry said, precisely, was: “Some sanctions relief money for Iran will go to terrorism,” (CNN, January 21, 2016). Who the hell’s side is he on any way? Does one suspect this represents the total knavery of the Democrat party or Obama’s treachery alone?

We are only now learning why, during the Vietnam war, we lost so many aircraft. It was  because LBJ, through Sec. State Dean Rusk, were telling the North Vietnamese of targets to be hit, when and where so as not to kill civilians. WTF? They did this through the Swiss Embassy.

In light of what John (the Vietnam vet) Kerry said about the billions of dollars just released back into Iran’s coffers going to Iran’s terrorist supported organizations, is it not reasonable for American’s to become so outraged they demand the arrest of this idiot, charge him with treason, try him and publicly hang him with appropriate ceremony in a celebration of relief after its over. America needs to be cleansed.

Kerry also said: “the world is safer today” because of the Iran nuclear deal. You can still hear the laughter. In fact, we are now more threatened than ever by Iran’s new found swagger, it’s out and out direct threats to America and it close kinship with our Secretary of State.

Kerry’s miserable skills at negotiation, when added to H. Clinton’s previously miserable skills at negotiations, both following Obama’s miserable skills at anything good, have brought American to the very brink of world disaster.

John Kerry first brought up the possibility of bypassing new congressional regulations by granting Iranian business-related citizens, visa exceptions after the Iranian regime warned that the new law would violate the nuclear agreement reached last July. Didn’t Congress pass a law in December that requires visas for visitors to the US who are dual citizens of, or who have visited Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Sudan since 2011? They did, but guess what, The bill, signed by Obama, grants the Secretary of Homeland Security the power to waive the visa requirement on the basis of US national security interests. Subsequently, State Dept. Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner acknowledged that the exception for Iran is not based on US national security interests, but on the desire not to impede business or offend Iran (sic).

You want something to be really mad about: House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) and Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich.) accused Obama of “blatantly breaking the law, a law Obama himself signed… “He cannot rewrite the law to appease foreign governments.” Well, apparently he can because he’s doing it.

Where is a united GOP on this issue? Where is any GOP official on this issue?  Why aren’t articles of impeachment being drawn up? What the hell’s going on? One Republican Representative, Mike Pompeo, of Kansas, said that the changes “prioritize the business interests of Iran – the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism – over the safety of the American people.” When are we going to stop this crap? The Republicans won’t do it.

Obama believes he’s going to leave a legacy that others can build on. He will, but it will not be a good one. I think what he wants is an America in a smoking ruin and can depend on the former first lady to do it. In any event, if she becomes President, expect him to be at her elbow making sure she doesn’t screw it up. Too, in light of the many unexplained deaths in the Clinton’s background, it can not be ignored that Obama could suddenly suffer an unexplained  fall. These people are so corrupt, and I include the GOP leadership, that any and all depredate measures needed to stay in power will be used. Remember, freedom is then goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (25 Jan 2016)


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