It’s an Invasion, Not Immigration


Opinion written by George McClellan:

It’s probably about time to understand what constitutes a criminal invasion, how to properly identify foreigners to our shores, when they come here uninvited, and what to do about it before and after they’re here. We already know that the Jihadists motives is to expand the Islamic Caliphate, by the sword if necessary, but, what about the peon class?

The brutal attack and rape of a14 year old girl in her Montgomery County public school by two illegal ‘invaders’ (they are not immigrants), age 17 and 18, assigned to the 9th grade class at Rockville High School because they do not speak English, is yet another ignored example of the assaults on our laws and common sense, ignored by the mediocre media and denied by the Liberals who run city, state and Federal governments and worse, our public schools.

These two migrants were apparently not jihadists, but just a couple of MS-13 gang wannabe’s starting early to build their resumes. Tattoo’s to follow! Judging by the  booking photo’s, it appears they may have only recently learned to peel banana’s with their hands. America has enough of its own home grown knuckle draggers; we do not need to be welcoming more.

The costs of dealing with illegal invaders is becoming unbearable. How would our economy be affected if they all went away? Let’s start with the accepted figure of 20 million. If 3.5 million illegals, in California alone, moved back to Mexico and Central America, Calif. would have an extra $10.2 billion to spend on their now overloaded school systems, shore up bankrupt hospitals and overcrowded prisons. Certainly, our streets would be cleaner, less congested, less deadly and English would again became the dominant language.

If Colorado lost half a million illegals, including their 300,000 children and grandchildren, Colo.  could save an estimated $2 billion, perhaps as much as $7 billion annually in taxpayer costs for schooling, medical services, social-services and incarcerations. Also included would be twelve thousand gang members, saving $20 million in prison costs with a noticeable drop in street crime including drugs, burglaries, assaults, robberies, rapes and homicides.

These figures can be extrapolated to other states but a more important figure is that $80 billion in US dollars, much of it untaxed, would not be sent back to Mexico. Those savings could contributes to reducing our $20 Trillion deficit.400,000 anchor babies cost us $109 billion per year. Nearly 100 hospitals in California, Georgia and Florida would not have to close by bankruptcy because illegals pay nothing for the services they demand and, by law get, in emergency rooms.

Thousands of illegal TB and hepatitis carriers, brought in under Obama’s ‘no enforcement E.O., have entered unscreened and have been infecting Americans nearly everywhere. If our cities experienced 20 million less people driving, polluting and gridlocking our streets, they would look less trashy, and would be far safer places for Americans to live and raise family’s.

A loss of 20 million illegal invaders would present the ‘progressives a dilemma in a loss to their voter base. But, a restoration of respect for our laws would return. If action is not taken, the current growth rate will increase 20 million more n twenty years. They should be told to go home, fix their own countries and/or make Mexico better. We cannot allow Progressive indifference at our borders, or the lawlessness that comes with it to redefine American laws.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (23Mar17)

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