Is Violence Truly On The Horizon?…Only From the Left!


A headline states: ”Staggering 91% of Democrats think violence Is on the horizon due to politicians’ mean words.” In the same article this paragraph: “The rhetoric is irresponsible and unnecessary. And a majority of Americans — including those who call themselves Democrats — overwhelmingly agree,”… according to a new survey conducted by Pew Research Center.

The question should be: is 91% the majority opinion of all Democrats or does “a majority of Americans including those who call themselves Democrats, overwhelming agree” include Republicans, Conservatives and Independents?

Polls and fake news are filled with cleverly worded statements or questions designed to support the Left’s opinion. “When did you stop beating your wife?” equals to “Have you stopped beating your wife” or “you didn’t beat your wife, did you?”

Ask any antifa protester after they just beat up a journalist, why they would do such a thing and the answer is: “Because Trump is a homophobic, racist, Islamaphobe,” as if that makes it right.

Ask them for evidence that Trump is any of those things and you’er in for a screaming, in your face episode of verbal bullying if not actual assault. But, visit violence on any masked, black clad antifa protester, even in self-defense, and you’ll become the worst, most vile piece of Trump loving humanity to ever hit the streets and deserve to be beaten up.

In Portland, Oregon that scenario has already happened. The city’s police were ordered to ‘stand down’ by Portland’s political commissar, laughably called the mayor, and the anarchy was allowed to continued. The Portland Chief of Police cannot truly call himself a law enforcement officer because he acts contrary to good order and discipline and the rule of law, by being a contributing member of the Left’s political commissars’ class.

If we stick to the old Soviet Bolshevik ideas the Left has adopted then we “Deplorable’s,” those of us who don’t buy in at all to the Left’s view of a happy Socialist America, an equal nation among equals in the brave new one world order, then we become the “Bourgeois,” the white supremacists, enjoying white privileges that needs to be rooted out and destroyed. If the left fancy themselves as victims, then somebody must be demonized as victimizers. Clearly, it’s the white European class and its descendants that made America great. Is violence on the horizon? Will there be pushback? I’m beginning to wonder.

The Left views the Antifa’s as ”a far reaching multi-disciplinary mutual aide and support network,” akin apparently, to our volunteer fire departments? Actually, no, they are just like Hitler’s Storm Troopers, the SA and SD, beating up people on the streets who didn’t agree with them. Isn’t that wonderful? Don’t you feel sorry for these morose and soul-less Democrats who love nothing more than to wallow in the victimhood of their own creation. Juan Williams on Fox’s The Five, wallows in the Left’s victimhood. His constant meme is to defend the indefensible. The other Fox ‘Five’ personalities used to pushback but his responses were so silly that they now just sit back quietly until he runs out of steam, smile and carry on. Only from the Left!

The treasonous Mueller fiasco, apparently relegated to the memory loss file, left the Socialists wondering where to go next. We now know it’s Trump’s awful “racism” and his supporters must be racists too. The Democrat “pogrom” is underway and the Lefts Storm Troopers continue their depredations on the streets of America. That can’t be allowed to continue.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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