Is The Swamp Being Drained?


Is The Swamp Being Drained?

It must be difficult to remain a loyal Democrat when that once great American party is disintegrating because they no longer embrace the pro American message that made America exceptional, instead of promoting a foreign socialist message that aims to make America common. American’s may be individually common, but they are not Socialists or weren’t, until the Democrat Party changed its colors from red, white and blue, to shades of the rainbow.

America’s history is filled with stories of people fleeing to its shores, some for religious freedom and some for political and economic freedom. Many, most in fact, fled because didn’t want to remain surf’s to an upper class who had all the assets that made life worth living and retained all the power that could make life a hell, and often did. They were people who found little or no relief from their government because the upper classes were the government.

Those people came here because none of the ‘class’ nonsense they fled was here to interfere with their self-determination, self-reliance and freedom to prosper or pray, as they saw fit. Wise politicians of the time kept religion out of the Governments hands. Rules of conduct were limited, basically scriptural and life progressed freely, as did America. For many, it was the best of times, but not the worst. When class status tried to follow, and the taxation necessary to maintain it increased, among other issues, a war ensued and that ended that.

In America, wealth creation does not constitute a class status but Democrats use it as a hammer to denigrate Republicans. That’s sad because if it were so, many Democrats wouldn’t be in it because they hate the idea of being labeled ‘upper class,’ but they don’t hate the idea of being wealthy. However, despite the best efforts of the founding fathers who's foresaw the dangers of unbridled power, a political class did develop, oft times with wealthy influence (bribery), that gave a measure of unearned power to individual legislators that they could manipulate to their financial advantage. Quickly, a political class, ‘the swamp,’ developed.

On 8 November 2016, a great sigh of relief was heard across the land and the political class went nuts because Trump promised to drain the swamp and started doing it. Months later they’re still going nuts because slowly, the swamp started to drain and the dysfunction of the corrupt political class, intent on stopping the hemorrhage by organizing their best combined efforts to stop if not eliminate the threat, has started apace. Their animus is showing.

Now, do we suspect the swamp might not get drained after all? The other great American Party, the Republicans, many who slop at the trough of political class privilege, have acted against America’s best interests because it's more important to them to have power than save America. The “Never Trump” Republicans actively, but stealthily, connive with Democrats to undermine the President. This is the chance conservative America has waited for and yet the alleged GOP conservatives can’t accept that. By doing so they ignore the Socialist govt. that for eight destructive years, suppressed conservative Americans in order to maintain the corrupt status quo, that was always the socialists Democrat agenda.

With Trump’s election, that’s about all washed away, yet establishment Republicans still believe in Political Class superiority over the people and so conspire with the dying Democrats to keep the swamp from being drained. Will they lose our trust or have they already lost it? Recent elections suggest they should not be too alarmed but other issues are in motion now. The 2018 midterms could challenge their thinking if not their actions. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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