In Defense of Islamophobia


Opinion by George McClellan:

Islam is attacking and murdering people all around the world on a routine daily basis. Young Islamic men who have allegedly fled to the west to avoid Obama’s political failures in their own countries, are feeling free and justified to sexually assault western women as sex objects because their Koran say’s they can.

Even in the face of daily muslim depredations, apologists like Obama, Clinton, Ryan, McConnell and many others, strenuously deny that Islam is evil but is, rather, a religion of peace. Leftist Politicians are creating the criteria for political pushback to justify the arrest and imprisonment of dissenters on the grounds of Islamophobic hate crimes. I’m getting so sick and tired of seeing “Hate Speech” being used as a criteria to punish Christians and other self-survivors.

Even now, a friar of the Franciscan Order of the Catholic Church, a self proclaimed spokesman for Islam, said: “As allies of American Muslims, it’s up to us to speak out against Islamophobia.” Why? Why would a Christian, of any sect, especially a Catholic Priest of all people, feel impelled to say something like that? He’s not speaking for me and I am not his ally. I view Islamophobia as a sane, effective self-defense mechanism that I shall develop and maintain for the protection of my family, friends, and loved ones. You should too!

This friar, Jason L. Miller, must be a long embedded muslim plant within the ranks of the Catholic Church awaiting his day to strike. Well, it came when he saw fit to further denigrate Christianity by encouraging American’s to embrace Islam as our friends based solely on false reports by Islam propagandists and news outlets. Friar Miller mistakenly claims that Muslims in the US have been “killed just for being muslim!” Well, that’s not true, not yet, but it’s surely coming because they’re killing us just for being Christian infidels (non-believers).

Miller said: As a Catholic, I’ve found the recent headlines about our Muslim brothers and sisters in the United States to be quite troubling. If he’s not a muslim, then he’s bought into the BS totally. “People are being kicked off of planes for speaking Arabic or for doing math equations, and in some instances, are even killed just for being Muslim. And the 2016 election has only seemed to stoke the fear of American Muslims.” Miller cites as the source of his information, the Bridge Institute of Georgetown but fails to inform us that Bridge institute is an entirely Saudi-funded entity dedicated to the advancement of Islam. Now, what could go wrong with that?

The Saudi Institute claims that since the beginning of our primary season there have been180 anti-Muslim attacks in the US. “There is no doubt that hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise. Of course there’s doubt. What’s not doubted is the murderous attacks by Islamic jihadists against non-believers around the world. It’s going on continuously and with increasing frequency and violence. “Despite the recent horrific attack in Orlando having no evidence yet to a direct link to ISIS, it’s inevitable that Islamophobic rhetoric will only increase because the shooter was Muslim.” Okay, so what’s the problem here? He was muslim and we should be very concerned.

Friar Miller, Google informs us, is indeed Catholic and gay. He appears to write glowingly about gays within Catholicism. Perhaps he enjoys the “boys like pearls strewn before you” in Allah’s paradise. Or maybe he’s just another post-modern social justice warrior hiding his radicalism in Friars cloaks? In any event, he’s too dangerous to be let loose on America’s youth. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! And, I wish you a happy Independence day. It may be the last one we have. (03 July 2016)

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