How Stands The Union?


The Devil and Daniel Webster (1936) by Stephen Vincent Benet, should be required reading by
high schoolers everywhere to complement the many other fine books and essays from the early
20th Century with political themes.

This story focuses on a post-colonial American New England and uses a 19th century politician,
Daniel Webster, the greatest man never to become President and who thousands trusted, right
next to God, as a protagonist against evil. It was a 20th century examination of 18th century
politics that was affecting America then. In this story, the subject, a woeful soul afflicted with bad
luck, Jabez Stone, a metaphor for todays “deplorable”; was willing to sell his soul to the Devil
for a change in his misfortunes. The long dead, Daniel Webster was summoned to argue with
the devil in an impromptu trial to save Stone’s (Americas) eternal soul.

While many people of that era were as studiously non-religious as many are folks today, they
saw no purpose then to destroy other peoples faith in God because they also recognized that
their society, bonded by Judeo-Christian moral codes, were basically a productive, happy
people undisturbed by what devil politicians thought was best for them. Yes, they had their
internal political disputes that generated contending political parties like the Mugwamps, the
Bull-Moose’s and the Copperheads among others, but most had the best interests of America in
mind and all saw the Constitution as nearly infallible, unlike our devil Democrats of today!

The question remains: “How Stands the Union?”; Today, not one politician, except Trump, has
risen above the political horizon line to show the statesmanship required to keep America safe
from outside evil influences. Our biggest danger now lies internally but, we’ve been warned. The
current belief in growing wealthy in politics over pure statesmanship, has changed the soul of
America. The little people, us deplorable’s in fly-over land, are almost helpless to correct the
problems because, as Hillary Clinton has shown us, even the vote can be corrupted.

The woeful list of Progressive wannabe presidential candidates for 2020 is laughable to the
extreme because they all tend to the extreme Left. It’s impossible to converse with these
creatures because they won’t listen. Maybe they’ll listen after the 2020 elections.

But, look at us today! Democrats field the sodomite from South Bend, a white squaw who
speaks with a forked tongue, an elderly socialist caricature of the Wizard of Oz, himself worth
millions and owner of three residences that we know of wanting to turn us all into copies of the
Russian peasant class he so adores and, lest we forget, and how can we when he entertains us
daily with his idiotic prognostications, the lovable  dear, quid pro Joe who, I’m now convinced,
lacks any measure of common sense. With this line up we don’t have to guess "How Stands
The Union," we already know!

Our government has been in the hands of a self-appointed “elite”; class for too long. But
somebody has got to run the government. We fail ourselves when we let them stay there. The
Washington DC “elites”; like cadre of incestious born children have become the stupidest people
in the world and they prove it daily and that's exactly why Donald trump was elected over the
elite’s chosen messiah, Hillary Clinton. Most Americans have been to the fairgrounds midway,
contemplated the freak show denizens and know that’s all it really is, just a freak show after all.

So, How Stands The Union? Really shaky! Too many Democrats (Marxists) in power.
Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get 'em!


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