Feminist Hooliganism


Opinion written by George McClellan:

As the shocking photos of the Women’s DC march following Trumps inauguration are now being published, it is apparent that modern women are much filthier than modern men, in their thoughts, words and probably deeds. I’ve never been accused of being a prude but I am totally shocked by the cultural sickness I read on the signs these women carried in their perambulation alone the streets of our nations Capital. More shocking was the recorded vocals of their chants and demands, their sole focus on female body parts. Ashley Judd, if you listened to her crude, screaming remarks on the speakers dais, has for me, descended into the abysmal depths of obscurity as a non person. I’m sure she doesn’t really care, but I do.

What we see signals a loss of whatever it was of the sacred place once held by women in American society. These Mall creatures are the very personification of the sick swamp dwellers from the primordial muck of paleolithic America, once the habituates of Red Light Districts.

And what was their message? I don’t know, really. Everything had to do with sex. Apparently most of them haven’t encountered muslim men yet who has a totally different take on what a infidel woman’s role is in his society. These women had better prepare themselves and their daughters, to spend some long hours daily on their backs, and not at times of their choosing. It might be suggested that a suitable occupation for these bedeviled creatures, given their desire to publicly flaunt their genitalia, a career in a brothel.

This madness has even spread abroad. In Spain, a known nutter of their feminist movement, at a grand opening of a Wax Museum, half naked, immediately walked up to the new Trump wax  figure and grasped its crotch. Wow! What a statement, what a thrill that must have been!

One of President Trump’s promises was to return respect for law enforcement. It should also include the a return of self-respect. Primarily, this woman’s march on DC is the cutting edge of George Soros’ plan to foment anarchy on American streets. These women are nothing but chattel to Soros’ plans and will be destroyed as the useful idiots they are. This march was preplanned and paid for. Even the fingerprints of Islam has revealed themselves in the preparations.

The small crimes committed on the streets must be punished, not by a wink and a nod or a slap on the hand, but by real penalties including some time in the slammer. Burning a US flag, for example, has been defended by the US Supreme Court as freedom of speech. Arson hasn’t! That applies to trash cans and tires too. Police departments need to know they can now apply a vigorous campaign against street hooliganism, simply to protect righteous people, children and the elderly so they too can use the streets without fear of being attacked or humiliated by some incoherent leftist screaming abuses in their faces. All of this because their candidate lost.

Hillary tweeted: “Thanks for standing, speaking & marching for our values at the Woman’s March. Important as ever. I truly believe we’re always Stronger Together.”  I would be interested in knowing exactly what she means by “our values.” I don’t think she really knows but her personal misery can best be fed by Tweeter. Hillary’s not out of the woods. Jason Chaffetz, (R-UT) and chairman of House Over Site Committee, said the investigation of her activities could take years. In political speak, that means not until the lawyers have drained her of whats left of her   fortune. She might have to return to redneck Arkansas. One wonders, is she, as a former first lady, still entitled to Secret Service protection in prison? Just asking!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (01/24/17)

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