Diagnosing an Illness


Opinion by George McClellan:

Some well meaning blog writers on conservative subjects fail to grasp the true nature of America’s eclipse. They have bought into the left’s message that a good life through government assistance is possible. They compare the changes America is now experiencing to an aging process folks encounter as they grow older rather than the deliberate plan of a cynical wholesale change that it really is.

While diseases and illnesses eventually come to the human body over time, and always followed by death, it should not be extrapolated that a great, prosperous nation like America, displaying the symptoms of old age as humans do is, in effect, near the end of its life term.

America should last for the millennium as the one and only beacon of freedom to the world. It would if its enemies have not been allowed to penetrate it’s constitutional fortress and spread their cancerous disease as we now see happening.

Less than 240 years since our founding, America has become ill not because of old age, but because we’ve been told to abandon God, accept secular atheism, place our personal self-defense in government hands and trust our elected politicians to see to our wants and needs. In short, America has been injected with the cancer of socialism, to be followed soon by the disease of Islamic fascism and then, the disease of abject apathy. Do we even stand a chance?

As we grow older, groups like the AARP start filling our mail boxes, and email sites with a constant drum beat reminding us that we are aging. They tell us we’re getting old, that we need care and attention so that we can blissfully enter our golden years without worry to ourselves or our families. Oh yes, And, for only a few dollars a month they are prepared to help us to achieve this nirvana. They tell us, in soft pleasant tones, “you worked hard all your life and deserve to be helped in your old age, comfortably surrounded by family and friends, etc., etc. & etc.”

The Progressive-Socialists have constantly told us this same message about our nation, in need of remedial social changes that only they can bring if we would only abandon our backward beliefs in the greatness of God, the greatness of America, and reevaluate our moral standards that inhibit Americas deviates from living their lives without fear or conscience.

The Progressive-Socialists (Democrats) don’t talk about America the way we do. Instead they tell us that America is sick and can only be fixed with increased spending, more inclusiveness, less racism, free education, free food, free rent, job killing minimum wages, free birth control and, even more unaffordable, free education for all, especially including illegals.

Our youth are now being taught that white European Americans are to blame for the world’s problems and to see the progress of European culture as crimes against humanity that have adversely affected life’s bottom feeders liking them to life’s lottery losers who need to be protected from silly notions such as self reliance, personal independence and a faith in God.

Our illness is easily diagnosed. It’s the malise created by the corrupt political establishment in both parties. We have sat quietly while the political tools of greed and avarice have destroyed our nation. Trump has simply brought us a tremendous reality check. He has brought us our first hope of political redemption.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (23 May 2016)


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