Conspiracy Theories, True or Not?


I’m not into conspiracy theories and generally won’t support them because at what point does a
meeting or telephone conversation become a conspiracy and against whom? Politically, its only
the Democrats who come unhinged when President Trump conducts the country’s business and
who take umbrage against his foreign policy decisions. Indeed, everything he has done and
intends to do is fair game.

In any business, and government is a business even though it operates at a loss, when things
don’t get done to the CEO’s design, then the reasons for the obfuscations must be found out
and corrected. In Government, his employment decisions especially apply to appointees, his
and the previous administrations, whose continued presence constitutes a danger to the new
administrations success including ambassadors, Cabinet Secretaries and US Attorney’s.

In our federal government it is mostly the unknown, unseen, unelected, deeply embedded
bureaucratic desk occupiers of multiple agencies, doing what they have always done, spend tax
payers money, who ignore White House memos directing change, or tweak intended policy
ideas to rob them of their intended purpose, the Deep State if you will, at work.

To call that sort of stuff a conspiracy might get a writer laughed off the pages. But as we see the
Democrat dementia grow in near hysterical madness while the disjointed Democratic leadership
continues to throw themselves against the rock and shoals of certifiable impeachment lunacy,
the true extent of a conspiracy, by the Democrats, can no longer be denied. From the moment
of Trumps inauguration, “The Resistance” clarion call was trumpeted to all loyal Obamaite’s and
that’s the battle cry of a true Conspiracy intent on altering an election.

Americans expect due process and fair play. Adam Schiff (D-Ca.) has swept all that off the
table. On with the inquisition. Torquemada would have been proud. Schiff is reluctant to resort to
torture because at the moment, all the witness are his witnesses, pre-coached by the Schiff staff
team and as we have seen, their testimony still incapable of carrying Schiff’s desired response
across the goal line to either his or the public’s satisfaction. He doesn’t recognize the difference.

This Schiff show trial is getting weary boring in fact, as polls shown a declining viewership
almost after the first hour of the first day. It’s the old adage” If a tree falls in the woods and
nobody hears it, does it still make a noise? Schiff (enter another cliche here) ”keeps changing
the goal posts” over Trumps phone call to the Ukrainian president from “He did something
wrong” to “Quid Pro Quo,” to “Bribery" and now “No ethical Compass.” Talk about confusion!

First hand, corroborated evidence, is required to make any charge stick. How many people were
on that phone call? How many have been called as witnesses. So far only Obama’s appointees
or lackey’s have been subpoenaed or volunteered to give evidence and they were all “hearsay”
witnesses: “I heard he said, she said” sort of thing. That simply won’t do especially when the
phone call transcript has been made public. Has it been introduced as evidence? Nope!

Americans are getting a first hand view of a future totalitarian government at work if the
Socialists Democrats every come to power again. Listening to the demented blithering of
Democrat candidates about doing away with our 1st amendment rights under the guise of
politically incorrect “hate speech,” and doing away with our 2nd amendment right to bear arms
because they know they cannot succeed if the American people remained armed. Remember,
freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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