Brexit – Failed Leadership


Opinion by George McClellan:

The overwhelming negative reaction against the Brexit vote last week seems to all come from the world’s establishment elites, our political and financial leaders. The Brexit vote was an earth shaking political event that will be felt in all parts of the worlds economy, not because Britain was individually so essential to the whole, but because it signaled that the cracks in the foundations are widening and that the sheep no longer trust the elites leadership.

What makes a leader? In tribal times, it was the strongest male in the group so long as he made wise decisions and could protect the tribe from outside interference by other groups or wild animals. Basically, these leaders were warriors capable of wielding their authority mercilessly. Tribal members had to be willing to follow him of challenge him for leadership.

Obama is the antithesis of that identity, being weak, feckless and indecisive he leads from behind, see’s nothing, knows less and timidly makes decisions based on already failed political theories, not by personal experience. He is truly a JV!

Time and the civilizing process introduced the ideas of federation living instead of moving season to season to hunt and gather according to the weather. Cultures developed, the civilizing process set in (beer making) and the need for head bashing leaders no longer was required. Leadership devolved to groups deciding who, by vote, they would follow usually by one who could think, reason and made wise decisions for the good of the group.

Subsequently, leadership devolved to those who demonstrated leadership qualities, knew all the answers and knew how to organize a state to protect itself. These types of leaders broke out of the pack, often seized leadership and made it work. Not all were good ones, i.e.: Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Tsung and Saddam Hussain. Only once in a hundred years do we get a Winston Churchill, or a Margaret Thatcher, or even a Ronald Reagan.

Today, leadership is almost totally political and members wishing to aspire to leadership positions no longer have to demonstrate an ability to lead, they simply must convince voters they are like Ronald Reagan, Churchill or Thatcher and are really good guy’s, or gals.

Today’s modern leadership doesn’t end there, it’s still evolving. For America, the mass modern media has made it a personality contest, hence such characters like Arnold Schwartzenagger, and the wrestling buffoon from Wisconsin became governors, and a community organizer became president, twice. Now comes an inept corrupt, criminal, unaccomplished woman who believes she will be America’s leader simply because her husband was and it’s her turn and she’s a woman. That should cinch it!

The EU’s leadership is all but unknown and therein lies it weakness. Oh, we know who leads Germany and France but not that Brussels bunch. Indeed, for decades the faceless Brussels bureaucrats, safe in their ivory tower and protected from the vast mass of peasants and peons who constitute their obeying base, were dealt a sobering dose of reality with the British vote to depart their happy home. Their leadership consists of talking, talking and more talking in civilized formal debate, wasting time until the issues pass from view and nothing good is accomplished except taxation, rules, regulations an ruination.

The EU’s firmly believe they now occupy the positions, if not at least the authority, of Europe’s once royal family’s to govern and control the sheep without consequence. The question now is, how will the elites defend themselves from the growing wrath of the sheep who no longer trusts their leadership? Will they successfully reverse the Brexit vote? Will they stop others from also pulling the plug? How will they do that when the sheep no longer cooperate? just asking!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (30 June 2016)

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