Bad Trends Coming


Opinion written by George McClellan:

I’m becoming a bit concerned that Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace, is edging to the ‘dark side.’ Today’s interview (01/22/17), nay challenge, of Trumps Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, was a tawdry example of combatively exploring the trivial to energize the petty, in order to trivialize Donald Trump’s presidency by giving credence to pure nonsense. Who cares? The Leftists do!

The MLK bust issue, a chance opportunity taken by a pool reporter who “tweeted: “Trump ordered the MLK Bust removed,” because he, the reporter, couldn’t see it. It was purposely designed to start tongues wagging on the same level, or worse, as when Obama handed the bust of Winston Churchill back to the British Ambassador on his first day in office. If you can’t see something, wait for it. If it’s still not there ask about it before tweeting a “gotcha” to the world. I would suspect that guy will have his WH press credentials taken. Who needs him?

The media doesn’t understand Trumps push back on these small issues and so they waste valuable Sunday airtime talking about nothing. The same with the head count. In two more days, who will even care unless the media chokes themselves trying to keep it alive? The end result, Trump will still be president and the press will still remain untrusted.

Hit Trump and expect to be hit back. In this era of divided loyalties, no politician can stand the free hits the press constantly delivers against Conservatives. George W. Bush, had a policy of not responding and look where that got him. Obama blamed him for every Democrat congressional failure in the Americas political and economic scene since the last two years of Bush’s final term. Trump isn’t going to stand for that.

Then comes the vagina vigilantes, the woman’s march, most of ‘em white feminist distraught that Hillary lost the election, demanding freedom. From whom, from what? Looking at the close ups of the feminist crowd, no two signs they held, said the same thing, One group wanted free sex without consequences, another wanted state paid contraception, another group demanded abortions, it was painful. Even street interviews revealed some really stupid young women.

It did not go unnoticed that the alleged feminist celebrities seized control of the microphones to proclaim their anti-Trumpism. The odious and scraggy Madonna, in her usual profanity laced profile, screamed out to the assembled women her vile thoughts and demands. So did the beautiful Scarlett Johansson and sadly, the once sweet and lovely Ashley Judd felt compelled to join the fray and smear herself with anarchist shame. Who got to her one wonders?

Why is celebrity granted a free pass? These people are basically stupid about events, guided only by a mistaken philosophy that abhors men except when its time to get impregnated, if a machine can’t do it first. Who is Alicia Keyes and Janelle Monae? I’ve never heard of them and didn’t recognize them when they spoke on live TV but they had a stupid message to proclaim and a platform to proclaim it.

The first feminist, Gloria Allred, now an aging old hag, screamed out that “if Trump registers Muslims, then we will all register as muslims.” This woman is certifiable. If it’s that important to her to welcome Jihadists, shouldn’t she be wearing a hijab now? If she really wanted to be a muslim woman, perhaps she should practice first by living in Saudi Arabia for a year. A beating once or twice a day would do well for her reeducation. She might even beg Donald Trump to get her out of there. Naw, he shouldn’t waste his time on silly trivia.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now. go get ‘em! (01/22/17)

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