Are You Ready For Madame President?


Opinion by John Tutten:

You know what’s scaring me? Hillary Clinton is still in the running for president and there is no other viable Democratic candidate in play. Forget Sanders. He would make Walter Mondale look competitive in the general. With all the super delegates in play in the Democratic process, despite the Sanders surge, he will never sniff the nomination. The Democrats’ establishment is all in for Hillary and they have full control of the nomination outcome.

And that’s what concerns me. We are this far down the nominating process and there is no realistic alternative to Hillary for Democrats. That means that Obama will make sure that the FBI investigation into Clinton’s egregious use of a personal server for her governmental business will go nowhere. Despite overwhelming evidence of felonious mishandling of top secret information, Clinton will be allowed to skate and run in the general election.

I had always counted on the much-publicized animosity between the Obamas and the Clintons to insure Hillary’s campaign would eventually be derailed by the president. The fact that the Oval Office allowed Clinton to use a personal server in what could be construed as giving Hillary “the rope to hang herself with” had seemed to confirm that Obama would not allow her to carry on his legacy. However, here we are and it sure looks like she will be the Democratic nominee.

What we hear of the FBI investigation certainly sounds ominous for Clinton. One hundred and fifty dedicated agents will get to the bottom of the Secretary’s chicanery and a finding will be issued to the Attorney General. However, I believe Loretta Lynch will be prevented from issuing a formal indictment. Certainly Clinton can continue to run under criminal indictment and can even be elected president while defending herself against the charges. Realistically though she would lose enough support that an indictment would cost her the election. Therefore, without another viable candidate to Hillary, Democrats must not allow her to be indicted.

The only thing I can figure as to why Obama is acquiescing to her candidacy is that Clinton must have enough dirt on the president to keep him from preventing her nomination. I can’t begin to speculate about what Hillary could be holding over Obama’s head. There’s not much more that can be added to his obvious failure as a president, so maybe it’s something of a more personal nature. Whatever it is, it looks like Obama has been stiff-armed into allowing her nomination.

And here’s the even bigger problem. As hard as it is to believe that Hillary could beat anybody in the general, very sound polling is showing that she will trounce the most likely Republican nominee, Donald Trump. The latest numbers show that over seventy percent of women voting in the general would oppose Trump! And he just keeps digging the hole deeper. From Megyn Kelly to Carly Fiorina to the latest dustup with Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields and his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Trump keeps worsening his chances with women voters. It almost seems to be a strategy.

I’ve speculated in previous writings that Trump doesn’t appear to really want to be president. His continued lack of preparation and knowledge of critical issues and policies certainly lend credence to this. I could understand being a little green when he first started his campaign last June, but by now nine months later with access to the best advisors, his knowledge and desire to understand the job of president more thoroughly seems to be actually ebbing. He’s looking less enthusiastic.

However, despite his negative polling and questionable interest, Trump looks to be the nominee. The Cruz surge is unfortunately coming too late to prevent Trump getting the delegates he needs. The RNC is stuck even if Trump fails to get enough votes to win on a first ballot at the convention. The rule the RNC put in place at the 2012 convention mandating that a candidate must have a majority in a minimum of eight states all but guarantees a Trump nomination. Therefore, it will be Trump versus Clinton and as I mentioned, the polling strongly favors Clinton.

Just think what a Hillary presidency would be like. Despite the damage Obama has done from the Oval Office, he still was much more passive than I believe a President Hillary would be. She will be much more aggressive in attacking Second Amendment rights. No doubt she will begin persecuting gun manufacturers.

There’s no doubt she will pursue a much more strident global warming initiative doing further damage to our already staggering economy. She will drag oil companies into court and prosecute them as global warming deniers. She will double down on Obama’s war on coal and in turn escalate energy prices.

She will make a now dangerous world even more dangerous with her ineptness at foreign policy. You can expect more nuclear proliferation, more Islamist incursions around the world, more Russian and Chinese expansionism, and misuse of our armed forces.

I have been a staunch Ted Cruz supporter during this primary process. To my great disappointment I do not see a way from him to win the Republican nomination. I do intend to vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I urge all of you Rubio, Kasich, Carson, Fiorina, Bush, etc., supporters to not take your ball and go home and get behind the nominee. And you Trump supporters, demand that he start taking this job more seriously, please.

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