A Painful Transition


Opinion by George McClellan:

Why do the elites stay contemptuous? Why were their polls all wrong? Why is the radical media  always hostile? I think because the American people, who tossed them and the Democrats out on their ears, left the whole establishment in near catatonic shock. The Democrats, who long ere since picked up the mantel of Marxism, expected it would be their destiny to rule forever. Forever is a long time and a populists transition is all too painful for lost ideals.

Now, a month later, not only do the elites remain in catatonic shock with fits of epilepsy and spasms of St. Vitas Dance, but their “fellow travelers” in the entertainment business are slobbering over a slim to none prospect of affecting the “Electoral College” vote to deny Trump his mandate. They act simply on the basis of their celebrity. Time for a change there as well.

The Trump phenomena was an explosive, in your face event full of energy, enthusiasm and real hope. It was a triumph of populism over a government gone mad, out of control, out of ideas, out of energy but not out of oppression. The populist trend that started the Democrat (Marxist) decline began in 2010, grew in the elections of 2012 then, gaining populist strength, overcame the Democrat hegemony in 2014, ending with the Trump coup d’gras, of 2016.

The people saw in Obama’s first term a rising arrogance, confirmed in his second and, penultimately, in Hillary Clinton’s campaign the total, corruption that had risen even above the law’s ability to curb it. That is why the polls didn’t see the explosion coming. The press was and remains, a happy part of that corruption, until Trump of course. They’re not happy now.

Trump has the potential to shift government in profound ways as evidenced by his choices to fill his Cabinet positions. He has successful business people, military generals, people virtually unknown in public but well known for their abilities in their own fields and, despite the anguished cries of the entitled class of the bureaucratic establishment, he will succeed. But, they will stop at nothing to resist the inevitable. So, what can we expect?  We can expect a reversal of the wealth transfer from maker’s to taker’s, by striking out the oppressive rules, regulations and taxes that afflicts us all, especially the Obamacare scheme for wealth redistribution.

Students of history will understand that the socialization of America started in the Roosevelt administration, mostly as make work projects, to feed and house a nation in a depression. It was called the “New Deal,” an era of growth of bureaucratic government, redistributing to a depressed America, the wealth of others. But, it also managed to depress the ideals of self-reliance. It changed optimism for the future to reliance on government. World War II killed the depression, put people back to work and generated wealth building, but it didn’t kill the New Deal. It’s with us today because big government demands it. Bureaucratic government has no reason to exist if it isn’t creating problems that it must solve, using our money, of course.

If Trump succeeds in replacing the “New Deal” model of government that’s been with us since the 1930’s, his place in history is assured. But he must understand, the bureaucratic machine has outlasted other attempts to kill ‘em off and, as citizens, if we do not remain constantly vigilant, the old order, lingering like the stink in a cesspool will slowly reestablish itself and, like a slow growing cancer, in a few years, the next generation will be wondering what happened to them. These generations will not have had the experiences we had. They will not have known of America’s greatness, only what has been taught to them by the leftists still lurking in our several, and many, institutions. We have a lot of cleaning up to do!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (17 Dec 2016)

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