A Crisis of Government


Written by George McClellan

Okay, we’re coming down to the 2020 wire. I can’t figure out if good ol’ Uncle Joe, you know, the
Joe Biden who inexplicably has become the presumptive Democrat presidential candidate, is
really a troglodyte, a mole poking his head up for a quick look, or a ground hog impresario
hoping the cold campaigning season will soon be over.

Well, I think Joe is a troglodyte chased into the depths of his great mansion by fear of a Chinese
virus that has the potential to render him senile. Senility presents its problems, but they all have
something to do with his birth certificate. When he appears, its to put on a comedy show that
allows the Progressives propaganda arm to frame their candidate as a good old, well meaning,
experienced politician who will pursue the Progressive agenda for America.

We know better! Senility is Joe’s constant companion and his off and on performance before
cameras is simply to show us deplorable’s that Joe is still alive and not propped up by a stick.
When Biden’s lips move, it’s really him speaking, not a ventriloquist. Watch his eyes as he
squints at the words scrolling by under the camera. Ignore the Canada Geese squawking
behind the green curtain or the happy children at play and the car noises audible in the
background; It’s all a facade! Joe’s going nowhere except into ignominious retirement.

Joe’s growing record of self-enrichment skulduggery with Ukraine and China, basically ignored
by the progressive propaganda machine, still hangs out their like ripe fruit ready to be picked. If
Joe survives the Democrat Convention then Trump’s team will easily harvest the fruit.
If Joe somehow comes through all this, which I seriously doubt, I’m not worried about him in
particular, but the odious apparatus of the Marxist inclined, Obama-Soros far-left machine,
coupled with AOC’s growing coalition of American Bolsheviks, will immediately vie to fill in all the
major rolls of Federal Government bureaucracy. That scares the dickens out of me. That should
concern all conservative Americans as well. It will be a real crisis in government!

The Socialist Progressive movement represents a foreign intrusion into American politics that
can’t survive as long as our Constitution still exists, politicians embrace it and especially, that
individual Americans remain armed. The Constitution stands in the way of their goal of a One
World Government where they insist a ruling class of trained intellectual experts, can provide for
all the needs and wants of us deplorable’s; effectively, a return to a peasant class.

But America has a Constitutional Representative government and Europe had kings. The
economic forces that raised Americans far above Europe’s peasant class, is in crisis because
we lacked the will to defend our principles and allowed this foreign political virus, socialism, to
gestate in our midst without challenge. The Founders were conservative because by their
experience imposed by a ruling class that was far, far away, they accepted that all men could
stand as equals, even slaves eventually. Even better, they understood the seduction of power
which is why the power of Americas government was divided into three separate but equal
parts. Madison observed that the epitome of tyranny is the combination, in a single unit, of the
functions of all three branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial.

This is the goal of the party of Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Sanders, AOC and the other
rats on the Democrat’s ship of fools. I don’t include Joe Biden because seriously, he’s out of his
depth, clueless and continuing the ship metaphor, rudderless while he sails on into oblivion.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitutions is the only way. Now, go get ’em!

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