Human remains found in Gilmer County

human remains

UPDATE: Gilmer County Sheriff Stacy Nicholson confirmed with FYN today that the remains found in the Hudson-Martin Road area of the county were skeletal. He said that they were complete and not missing any major parts.

Nicholson also confirmed that the remains were found above ground, not buried.

Nicholson said that it could possibly take up to a week or more for preliminary findings but is confident in the GBI’s lab in determining details sooner than that. He also specifically stated that he was confident in the lab and investigators to identify the remains before the investigation ends, providing closure to either a missing person or a crime if investigations find something pointing to that.

Nicholson also confirmed that while they did call in a tech and support from the GBI, the Gilmer Sheriff’s Office is still leading the investigation into these remains.


ORIGINAL STORY GILMER COUNTY, Ga. – Authorities have taken custody of what the Gilmer Sheriff’s Office said is suspected human remains on Friday, February 18, 2022.

human remains

Gilmer County Sheriff Stacy Nicholson

According to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office, the remains were located by a utility company lineman crew at approximately 4:00 a.m. this morning. The locations was said to be “in a wooded area just off of Hudson-Martin Road.”

Hudson-Martin Road leaves off of Highway 52 East at Hillcrest Apple Orchard and connects back to Highway 52 East near the Oakland Clubhouse after crossing Rackley Road.

The Sheriff’s Office went on to say, “Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives responded to the scene, and a GBI crime scene tech was requested to assist in recovering the remains.”

As of now, the Sheriff’s Office has not determined a cause of death. The remains are will be in the custody of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and their Crime Lab as they determine more information.

FYN has reached out to Sheriff Nicholson for comment and questions on the remains found and is currently awaiting his response. This article will be update with additional information as he provides it. Stay with FYN for new articles as well as new developments are reported.


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